Thursday, June 18, 2015


Some time has passed since my last RID Post.  For those of you who follow me on my Facebook page, you saw my update about how I had disappeared into the KonMari decluttering method.  But that is no excuse to disappear from here.  So here I am, with RID Post #3:

(Netflix, Facebook, and Pinterest.  You evil yet awesome creations.)

Ah yes.  I am one of "those" people.  And from the sounds of it, I am not the only one.
You know what I mean.

The person who sits down with the intentions to write or edit.  But first they have to check Facebook, which goes from five minutes to ten to "How long have I been on Facebook?  Oh, who cares."  After that it is all business.  But they need some inspiration first so off to Pinterest they go.

It starts with something related to the actual WIP.  Then it bleeds onto something book related.  Then geek related.  Then before they know it they are perusing DIY hacks on how to make homemade zit cream or decor for the third living room they will never have.

From there the writing buzz has been killed, so they decide to watch some Netflix/Hulu/HBO to relax and wait for the word urge to return.  Two seasons of binge watching's bedtime.  After one final check of Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr of course.

Sound familiar?

Well, that's the pit that I fell into.
And boy is it hard to climb out of.

The internet is for sure a blessing.  Facebook, Netflix, Pinterest...all those sites are a Godsend.  Whether they are being used for research, publicity, or good old down time, all the distractions on the internet are definitely needed.

In moderation.

That right there is the key.
Even as I write this right now. I have Pinterest AND Facebook open on other tabs.  And Netflix playing yet another show I have been binge watching playing on my second screen.  I find it funny that I am writing about how I need to RID this addiction in my life while I still have everything open.

It's true.  It's an addiction.
So how do I approach it?

I cannot just cut it out.  I do need it for all the reasons stated.
I cannot just unplug.  If you write, you know at any moment you need some random research or, in my case, non-stop music blaring.  (Thank you, Pandora!)
I cannot decrease on my connections.  All are needed.

So how am I going to rid this RID?


We all have our addictions in life.  Whether it is food or drinking, drugs or sex, shopping or coffee.  You can honestly become addicted to anything.  It starts out small then before you know it, your entire life is dictated by that addiction.  Sometimes people never realize they have the addiction.  Sometimes people do see it, but don't care to fix it.  Some people try and fail.  And some try and succeed.

Welcome to life.

I am addicted to the internet.  To all the wonderful distractions it is full of.  I spend too much time on Facebook.  I watch too many shows on Netflix.  I spend the majority of my day, when not being mommy or working, sitting and getting lost on the internet.  And where has it gotten me?

Right here, writing about how I need to change it so I can do what I love doing again.  Writing books, for you to read.  And the first step is to regain some self-control.

My game plan?

1.  Set up a certain writing time.
2.  Turn off EVERYTHING on my computer except for Word and Pandora.
4.  After the writing time is said and done, reward myself with a LIMITED internet perusal time.  Rewards are good.
5.  And lastly: Save Netflix for nighttime when I am snuggling with my honey.  Or better yet: Read a book.

It's simple, I know.
But sometimes simple is the best.

I want to write.  I want to share all these stories that are in my head (or in various states of WIP status on my computer...)  This is what I want.  Not to be able to brag that I watched the entire series of FRIENDS in one month (sad but true story) or created yet another board on Pinterest that I rarely look at.

I want to brag that I write.

So here I am today.  Writing.  Rebalancing my life.  And taking yet another step closer to the author I know I want to be.

How about you?

This looks familiar...

No matter your addiction, I encourage you today to recognize and make the first step, no matter how simple, towards where you truly want to be.  Simple is better than nothing.  You can do it.


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