Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekly Update

Since I promised a weekly update, it looks like it is about time for one!

I haven't got much writing done this last week.  I was asked to help my friend Keary Taylor with revamping her book cover, and got VERY into it.  I am way excited to see the final product...and say everyone out there reading this should get themselves a copy of it too!  (It is such an amazing read...just do it!)  Once she has put out her final cover for all to see, I will post a copy here. 

Along with that, I was able to get together with another friend and take her senior photos.  Then the very next day attempt some family photos for some more friends.  (I believe we got a few keepers.  Their cute little one year old just was NOT in the photo mood that day though!)  So now I am in photo editing heaven...lots and lots to do!  Which is awesome because, aside from writing, I love to take/edit photos.  But it is probably bad too...since it means that since my awesome writing weekend that I already posted about...practically nothing else has been written.  I am hoping to get my editing projects done in the next few days though...then I need to dive back into my make believe world!

Now, about how my book is going.  I have hit the rough 25,000 or so word mark.  Which is sweet because its the furthest I have ever gotten on a project.  I am finally getting into the thick of the story and loving every moment of it.  But it is bittersweet...because the average word count a publisher/agent looks for is around 80,000...so I still gots a ways to go.  I know I know.  Don't think about word count right now.  And I try not to.  I am trying to just get out the entire first draft...then I can go and add more.  But come on... its always on my mind. 

I am also at a point in the story where I am trying to decide the fate of a certain character.  Its hard!  Both paths I can take can potentially progress the story nicely...but which is the better choice?  The more I have been thinking about it, the more I am finally leading to one fate than the other.  I never realized how mind wrenching this can be.  We writers play God in our own make believe worlds.

That is about the jist of anything update worthy at this moment.  I am hoping next week I have better news.  But hey...its not all bad.  My mind is still rolling like an angry hamster on a metal wheel.  It will come...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My mind...its mush...

Today, after waking up at 4:30 am with my two kiddos who decided it was time to start the day...and after assistant directing a three hour play rehearsal...oh, and after come home, taking care of the kiddos even more, making dinner, cleaning the kitchen...*takes deep breath* I decided to sit down and write.

And write I did!

Don't you just love it when you get that itch, and the itch turns into that little writing maniac that takes over your flailing fingers and sets the words afly?  Yeah, I wish it would happen just a smidge more.  But hey, after a busy day, I wasn't even thinking I would get out a sentence before my head smacked the desk and I gave into the call of bed.  I didn't.  Something clicked and look...

I wrote around 3,889 words this evening!

I finally got to hit a scene that I have been waiting to get to.  Its funny.  I have been antsy to finally get to it and write it.  Yet at the same time, I have been scared off my bonkers to have to write it.  Its one of those moments where you can see it oh-so clearly in your mind, but you are sooo worried to put it to paper and never do it justice.  You want the reader to see the magic, the intensity, the amazingness that you see...and fear that that will not happen.  Sadly I have let that stop me too many times in the past from even trying to pen it out.  Well, tonight I just let it flow.  Crossing fingers...I will not reread it!  I will not let myself!  Not yet...

Along those lines, today I was also able to plot in my head.  Oh yes, the evil author plotting, where we work hard to create more of our own little worlds.  I was finally able to create a backstory I have been needing BAD.

Did you know when you look up mythology behind gargoyles...there really isnt much?  People don't even know for sure why the old-day churches HAVE those statues on them.  Oh, there are some theories...but nothing definite.  Which is awesome, because it has given me tons of wiggle room to basically create my own myth.  I am pretty excited with the one that is forming in my head...

So after everything today, it is now 11:44 pm.  And my brain feels like total, absolute, happy mush.  I actually am tempted to keep writing.  But I know if I do, the words I read tomorrow will consist mainly of "garble garble garble."  I think I need to call it a night. 

I am on a writing high people.  I hope it stays...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tips on How to Keep Your Head Up?

This is more so a question than a post...

I love writing.  Obviously.  And everyone has always told me that I am great at it.  So how come when I reread my writing, I feel like throwing it out every time?  I  know I know.  We are our own worst critic.  But lately I find myself doubting myself more and more.  I can never seem to get writing urge up high enough to actually write more than twice a week.  Oh, I think about it all the time.  Plotting, creating, rewriting.  But I am losing confidence in myself.  Maybe I shouldn't ever look at that dang grading system Word has.  And maybe I actually should believe what my friends say when they read my writing and all they can respond is a big "I love it!"  I know rough drafts are just that: rough.  But my inner demon keeps yelling at me that I am just not good enough.  I don't know...

My question, to you writers out there:
How do you get past your own worst enemy?  aka...Yourself

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekly Update

I have decided that I am going to attempt to do a weekly update on here. I am horrible at keeping up with blogging, but I do think its important to keep my friends, family, (and potential fans? Hopeful thinking, I know) up to date on what is going on in my little writing world. Sadly, people don't feel the need to tell me if they have checked up on this here blog of mine, so I am hoping this update isn't going to deaf...eyes?

Ok! Here we go!

In the Blood

I decided to rewrite the opening. I have been TRYING to not go back and edit at all. The major holdup for me when it comes to writing is I never progress further than a few chapters because I get so picky and edit every little bit I have written until it potentially shines...but never write more. I am notorious for sending out the little bit I do write to ALL of my of my friends too, trying to find out if what I am writing is even grabbing at all.

I have disallowed myself from all of that.

For any potential writers out there, two things I am finally allowing myself to learn:
1. DO NOT EDIT, until you have it all written and ready to edit. The first draft is called the rough draft for a reason. Other names: the crap draft. So let it be. Editing will come later, where you can actually make that chapter make sense...
2. Yes, feedback is essential. But don't constantly send out the rough pieces to everyone who might read it. You have a story to build. Their backing is very helpful (needed...) but most of all, you are writing for yourself. So do that...and once its DONE, then see what the other minds think.

Granted I do have a small handful of friends I do still bounce ideas off of and occasionally send blips to...I am getting better at it.

ANYWAY! In the Blood...I was holding off on re-writing the opening. I originally had it opening with a dream sequence, but a good friend of mine told me that publishers highly do not like that (they want to get grabbed with something that is real) so I made a note to edit it...and put it aside. And it has just been nagging at me! I finally decided to just give in and do it. I am pretty content with its rough wording at the moment. Editing will hopefully make it shine, later on.

Just starting chapter 6, word count at about 14,630
Its going...

Aside from that...

I have a good friend who is also a writer. Ok, more so than me. Keary Taylor is currently working on writing her...what...fourth book? She currently has one available for purchase on Amazon. It is an AWESOME read and I highly recommend it to everyone. (Check it out HERE) We catch each other on good old face book now and again, and always end up talking about our writing. So we have decided to try to get together online once a week for a mini writing group.

I am hoping it works out...we both have two little kiddos at home. It will be nice to have more chances to bounce ideas and support the ego of struggling writers.

That raps up my weekly update, for now. I am still trying to decide if I want to post some of In the Blood on here for reading pleasure. As of right now...I will chicken out and just say...more to come later!


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