Monday, March 23, 2009

My site is running

Hey everyone! Well, the site is up and running. About time huh? The url is:

I worked a bit on my book today. I am very frustrated though. I opened it up to work and...something had happened about three pages were totally messed up. I had to delete those pages and totally re-do them. SIGH But its fixed for now and I am onto wrapping up chapter three and diving into numero four. I will try to update on how its going at least once a week, if that. Its slow right now.

Till then!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

writing workouts

Everyone knows that if you sit around for a few months on end, then try to jump and run a marathon, you will soon be heaving for air within the first few steps. That is how I am feeling right now. I grew up always writing. Always coming up with new ideas and stories that I would scribble down and share with anyone and everyone. Now I feel like I am stuck in such a deep deep rut. I feel the stories rolling in my head. But when I sit down to let them seep onto paper, they seem to cramp up and I find my mind heaving for simple words. I am about three chapters in now on my Alienate book. Which is good...I guess. Though when I go and read over what I have, I know without a doubt I have a full load of rewriting and editing to do. I found some books I could get that would help me...and I try old brainstorm techniques. But I so out of shape! Shane totally loves the book so far...but I know its missing so much. I cant seem to set the right mood...I am horrible at story is on my finger tips but refuses to be spun.

I have joined a blog here on blogspot that is supposed to give a new prompt once a week, then we write whatever comes to mind and post it. I will be posting it here, hoping that it will help get my mind running again. If any of you read the posts, PLEASE comment them and tell me what you think? And PLEASE tell your friends to come here too. Feedback is one of the surest ways to progress with anything in life. And let me tell you, I need it right now. I would love to finish the book I am working on now. Its such a great story idea...and I already have more ideas for other books swimming in my mind. So please...comment, critique, give me ideas, prompts, anything!

Thanks :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cover Art

Here is a tentative first draft for a cover.
Good news..I worked some more on the book last night and wrote a few more pages. The new part I read to Shane seemed to really grab his attention. Hopefully I am heading in the right track!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Hey there everyone!

I just decided to start this blog to keep people updated on my writing life. If you know me, you know how much I love writing. I hope get published. But before that happens, I need to actually FINISH something! So hopefully this will help. If you read anything here and feel like giving me your two cents...helping my me props...ANYTHING will help me!
I am currently running through MANY book ideas in my head. I have written a little for each of them, here and there. Right at this moment my main focus is on my book called Alienate. I will post another entry later explaining the premise of that story...

Until then, I just wanted to thank you for coming here and hope you come back as I post more and more!


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