Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIP Day - Hello Muse!

Today was a busy mama day.

In the morning I got my two kiddos all put together, picked up my friend's daughter, and brought the kids to preschool.  Then I headed back home with my youngest.  While he was happily watching Cars (again... he loves that movie!) I managed to get some photo editing done and post a preview for a certain little lady's first birthday (Happy birthday Nora!)

Once that was done, I bundled my youngest kiddo and the cat up and booked it back to the preschool.  This week is Pet Week, and today we got to show off our cute little kitty.  The kids loved her!

*takes deep breath*

Bundle three kids and kitty up.  Head home.  Decide to let friend's daughter come over and play.  Walk to park.  Play play play.

Finally, it is time to bring the little girl home.  So off to my friend's we go.  Where the kids play and I end up chatting with my friend for... erm... a long time.  Hey, the kids were happy.  (And, to find out later, were throwing a tea party with milk in the other bedroom.  Milk, everywhere.  Oops.)

Well, while chit chatting with my friend, something amazing happened.
A muse struck.

I won't get into details of what we were talking about.  But let me tell you: I am a million times more excited than ever to get to work on Lady Justice!

From the sounds of it, my face lit up.  It was epic.
Remember Christmas morning when you were a kid?  When you would sneak down into the living room to see the tree full of the presents waiting to be torn open?  How you would shake inside and out, barely able to contain yourself and about to burst?  Yup.  That was me.  Today.

November can't get here fast enough.  I am itching to get going on LJ!  I still have some rough plotting to do. Not much, being as I am a pantser by all descriptions.  But just enough to keep this Christmas morning excitement going.

I had to pop by and tell you that.
You never know when the muse will strike.
And when it does: It is a beautiful thing.

Thank you Muse!

How about you?  Having any muse luck?  Do share!

Happy Writing!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Indies in the Sound | Booking Signing Event

What are you doing October 3rd?
I can tell you what I am doing:

The Indies in the Sound book signing event
If you are in the Western Washington and San Juan Islands area, you should be there too!

Come spend the evening at Darvill's Bookstore in Eastsound, WA (Orcas Island) with me and three other local Indie authors. We will be spending the evening telling you a bit about who we are. Reading snippets from our novels. Hosting a Q&A. Snacking on cookies. And of course: Signing copies of our Indie novels.

And to make the deal even sweeter, there is going to be a giveaway that night as well!
I know.  How awesome.

Who are the authors you ask?

And of course yours truly...

These are some amazing Indie ladies, and I am more than excited to spend the evening with them.  I hope I get to spend the evening with you as well!  Feel free to RSVP on our Facebook event page.  Then gather your books, hop on that ferry, and come our way!  See you then!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back to the Books WINNER

The Hop is over.  The rafflecopter has chosen.  Did you win?
This year's winner of my Back to the Books Giveaway Hop stop is...
Congrats Cohlina!

I have emailed you.  You now have 72 hours to respond and claim your prize.  If I don't hear from you in that time, I will redraw the winner.  So don't wait!

And to all of you who did not win this time, hang in there.  I love seeing you all around my blog and hope you stick around for everything I have planned in the future.  (Such as the current Goodreads giveaway for a SIGNED copy of Prison Nation...)

HAPPY WRITING...and reading!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

WIP Day - Off To School

I know this post is a day late, but for good reason.
Yesterday was a big day in my home.

My son started preschool!

*commence cheering*

I still can't believe my little man is in school, even if it is just preschool.  He is growing up much too fast!

All morning yesterday it was nonstop: "Mom, can I go to school now?" And the entire drive home from school was: "Mom, I want to go back!"

I will admit.  I got a bit choked up when I saw him running up to his school, Mario backpack strapped on and metal lunch box swinging.  And I was on pins and needles to see him at the end of the preschool day.  It was nice having him out of the home for a few hours.  But nothing beats having your kiddo nearby.

Things he had said he was most excited to learn: "Writing books like Mommy! Oh, and lunch."

When I asked him what he learned today: "Well, we ate lunch!"

At least one of the things got checked off his list.

Next year is Kindergarten.  Then off he goes, growing up much too fast.  For now, I am just going to let myself enjoy the fact that this morning all he wanted to do was cuddle with me in bed.  I love my little man!

With my little man. And yes, that is a Bazinga lunch box.

As for actual writing updates:

- PN is doing great! I will talk more about the actual Promo Weekend numbers in a future post.  But it was awesome!  Thank you so much to everyone who celebrated my birthday weekend with me.  And an even bigger thanks to those of you posting the awesome reviews and ratings, and the ones still buying a copy of my book even after it is free!  See my Kindle rankings right now?

- LJ is still plotting away.  I am getting more and more excited every day to begin work on this!  I even built a Pinterest board.  Yeah... I do that.

- Giveaways.  Have you entered the Back to the Books giveaway yet? How about the chance to win a SIGNED copy of PN through Goodreads?  Get on it!

That is about it for today.  Off I go to be mommy.  And of course try to snag moments in the day to write.  As always.  How is your day going?



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