Blog Schedule

MONDAY - Mash-Up Day
I will post about whatever I want.  A mention about another blogger's awesome post.  Discovered tips and tricks.  Growing worries.  Deep insight.  Crazy dreams.  Anything.  This will be my mind vent day, and will hopefully help to discover some cool new postings, or writing, within.

Yup.  Its the day I will allow myself to post only about my current WIP.

FRIDAY - Finally, a Review Day!
This is the day I will post a book review.  If I have one.  Sadly, with all the novel editing for my own WIP, I am lacking in the luxury of book devouring time.  I will try to post a review once a week.  I apologize now if some fridays I cannot... but I will post something for you to fill that gap.  Like a cartoon.  Deal?

(Note, things may change.  This is a first for me, and thus it will evolve until it becomes what suites me best.  Bear with me.  FOR NOW though... this is my plan!)


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