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I promise to give fair, honest reviews for all books I read.  I always try to point out the positive in every book I devour, even if it doesn't get that desired 5-star rating.  And I am dying to get my hands on more books!

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  • Repped or Indie?  I am not picky.  I support the Independent authors just as much as the repped ones, and will review your book regardless.
  • Email me the synopsis/link to your book.  If it captures me, I will request a copy!
  • While I do HIGHLY prefer physical copies, I do have a Kindle for e-copies as well.
  • Be patient.  I read alot.  And am also a crazy writer.  So it may take a bit to get to your book.  I do promise that the books waiting a requested review will be at the top of my stack.
  • Be nice.  As I said, I post honest reviews.  If I do end up saying something you don't agree with, or giving your book a rating you did not want, email me and we can talk.  Remember:  It is just one reviewers opinion.  
  • And last... Enjoy it!  This is exciting!  It is your book!


I also love doing interviews, Give-Aways, and everything in between.
(I mean it.  I love it! I really do.)
Have a request, idea, or question?  
Email me!
jennimerritt.writing (at) gmail (dot) com


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