Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Invisible Followers

Hello. Its me, Jenni. You know, that girl who says she wants to be a writer, but never seems to do much about it.

Well, I thought to finally send you a small update, being as my last one was well over months and months ago.

Not much going on here. Ok, that's a lie. I have two little kids now, an always messy apartment, and am permanently on the brink of pure exhaustion. Hard to believe I am only 24. (Today is my grand birthday. So why does it not feel all that grand?) Don't get me wrong though. I do love this life of mine. My little boys are adorable little bundles of nonstop energy and love. And my husband works his tush off to keep us in our little apartment.

I just miss writing. You know. Like that high school bestie you had, who as you received your cherished diplomas promised you would be best friends for life. And now it has been five years, ten years, who knows how long since the last time you even heard their voice. That's what my writing feels like. I miss its voice.

I have been working on it here and there though. In fact, I am even on chapter 6 of my latest project. Amazing isn't it? I try to plunk out the occasional words whenever I get the chance. (Even now as I write this blog entry, one kiddo begs for cookies and the other screams for me to hold him.) It is called the joys of being a stay at home mom with the dreams of being a published author. I know its very do-able. So, some one tell me their secrets already, will they?

Before my kiddo has a total mental breakdown, I guess I better be going. I will get back on later today hopefully to tell you about my latest project. I will I will. Until then...

I DO exist!


1 comment:

kandra said...

Hey, I am certainly not invisible :)


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