Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Current Project

Projects run rampant.
Here is what I am currently "working" on:

In the Blood

Rough Synopsis:

Perfection can be a curse. Dawn feels it every day of her life. The always hungry, yet frightened stares of men. The jealous glances of women. Now that she has become eighteen though, it has become worse.

Dawn awakes every morning covered in sweat, heart pounding. But try as she might, she never remember her dreams. Her own waking reflection scares her. Strange shadows pass over the moon. Dawn feels alone in the world.

And now she meets Ryder. He frightens her more than the dreams she cannot remember. Yet something draws her to him. He holds answers that she never thought she could find. The meaning behind her father's death. The fear of her dreams. The cause of her perfection.

But more than that, he offers the only protection against the flying demon that hunts for her life. All of the answers, all of the secrets, are in her blood.

What this book is about:
Ok, so I am not fully sure how to write a good synopsis. I think I got it ok, but I am sure a better one will come someday.
In Reader's Digest form, this book is about the idea that people, long ago, decided it was a good thing to "breed" with gargoyles. The gargoyles don't like that though. They don't see it as pure...condone-able. Dawn just so happens to be a descendant of this. And when the small group of gargoyles awake to do their guarding, they sense her. And send one out to end her life.
There's more details that I would love to share, but its something that you need to read to get.
Sorry...gotta leave SOME reason for you to read this!

My thoughts:
I really really like this book. ALOT. Much more than my prior project that is currently on hold (Alienate). I am not sure the reason why. I do love Alienate, but for some reason I just got stuck on it. So this is my break. I started In the Blood last year for NaNoWriMo, but didn't get very far in it. Now I can't get it out of my head. So...I try to write.

I have been slightly successful so far. Currently I am on chapter 5. Rough word count: 12,800.

I haven't been letting myself go back and read any of it. If I do...I will spend time editing what I DO have, and never finishing the dang thing. I already know sections I need to fix (aka the entire beginning...) but I want to bust out an entire first draft before I let myself do so. Its hard! I love feedback on what I have. But this makes me not want to send it to friends, knowing how rough it really is. Still...it feels good to work on it. When my kiddos permit.

What do you think? Grabbing, at all? Should I post a blip on here for you to read? Is your interest peaked? Or did you stop reading and just start skimming long ago? Please please let me know! That's why this is posted here...

Hopefully things will keep going decent. So far, so good. Not as much as I want. But more than I would get if I did nothing. That's saying something!


Noelle Carey said...

wow, I love the idea of this book! I can't wait to read it! And the cover and title makes it something i would pick up in a book store, and the synopsis, amazing! I would read the book in a heart beat! definitely post a sneak peek!

joshua said...

Great job. I want to write a book too. How did you set up your web page?


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