Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekly Update

I have decided that I am going to attempt to do a weekly update on here. I am horrible at keeping up with blogging, but I do think its important to keep my friends, family, (and potential fans? Hopeful thinking, I know) up to date on what is going on in my little writing world. Sadly, people don't feel the need to tell me if they have checked up on this here blog of mine, so I am hoping this update isn't going to deaf...eyes?

Ok! Here we go!

In the Blood

I decided to rewrite the opening. I have been TRYING to not go back and edit at all. The major holdup for me when it comes to writing is I never progress further than a few chapters because I get so picky and edit every little bit I have written until it potentially shines...but never write more. I am notorious for sending out the little bit I do write to ALL of my of my friends too, trying to find out if what I am writing is even grabbing at all.

I have disallowed myself from all of that.

For any potential writers out there, two things I am finally allowing myself to learn:
1. DO NOT EDIT, until you have it all written and ready to edit. The first draft is called the rough draft for a reason. Other names: the crap draft. So let it be. Editing will come later, where you can actually make that chapter make sense...
2. Yes, feedback is essential. But don't constantly send out the rough pieces to everyone who might read it. You have a story to build. Their backing is very helpful (needed...) but most of all, you are writing for yourself. So do that...and once its DONE, then see what the other minds think.

Granted I do have a small handful of friends I do still bounce ideas off of and occasionally send blips to...I am getting better at it.

ANYWAY! In the Blood...I was holding off on re-writing the opening. I originally had it opening with a dream sequence, but a good friend of mine told me that publishers highly do not like that (they want to get grabbed with something that is real) so I made a note to edit it...and put it aside. And it has just been nagging at me! I finally decided to just give in and do it. I am pretty content with its rough wording at the moment. Editing will hopefully make it shine, later on.

Just starting chapter 6, word count at about 14,630
Its going...

Aside from that...

I have a good friend who is also a writer. Ok, more so than me. Keary Taylor is currently working on writing her...what...fourth book? She currently has one available for purchase on Amazon. It is an AWESOME read and I highly recommend it to everyone. (Check it out HERE) We catch each other on good old face book now and again, and always end up talking about our writing. So we have decided to try to get together online once a week for a mini writing group.

I am hoping it works out...we both have two little kiddos at home. It will be nice to have more chances to bounce ideas and support the ego of struggling writers.

That raps up my weekly update, for now. I am still trying to decide if I want to post some of In the Blood on here for reading pleasure. As of right now...I will chicken out and just say...more to come later!


Keary Taylor said...

Go Jenni Go! Glad you are sorting out your writing feelings/goals! And thanks for the promotion! We shall chat soon!

Brad Jaeger said...

Stephen King offers good advice about writing that first draft-- "keep the door closed", that is, don't let anyone see it.

The time to start sharing your writing is when you've already polished it to the best of your ability :)

Keary Taylor said...

I'm going to have to disagree with you Brad (and Stephen King...). I think feedback while you are working on projects if vital! People can point out things that don't add up. They see things you don't. And there's always the factor of if something isn't good, I'd want to be told before I invested so much time or energy.

Jenni Merritt said...

I will take the middle ground :)

I think that sharing it with one or two people, who you trust, does help. Like Keary said, it helps with ideas and feedback to make sure your story really is golden.

But at the same time, you don't want to sport it to everyone until it is perfect. You want them to get the best piece possible.

My prob is I CRAVE feedback...and (aside from about three or so friends) rarely get any. I am a creature of support...I just lose drive if I don't have that system under me.

Hence...this blog! :)


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