Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekly Update

Since I promised a weekly update, it looks like it is about time for one!

I haven't got much writing done this last week.  I was asked to help my friend Keary Taylor with revamping her book cover, and got VERY into it.  I am way excited to see the final product...and say everyone out there reading this should get themselves a copy of it too!  (It is such an amazing read...just do it!)  Once she has put out her final cover for all to see, I will post a copy here. 

Along with that, I was able to get together with another friend and take her senior photos.  Then the very next day attempt some family photos for some more friends.  (I believe we got a few keepers.  Their cute little one year old just was NOT in the photo mood that day though!)  So now I am in photo editing heaven...lots and lots to do!  Which is awesome because, aside from writing, I love to take/edit photos.  But it is probably bad too...since it means that since my awesome writing weekend that I already posted about...practically nothing else has been written.  I am hoping to get my editing projects done in the next few days though...then I need to dive back into my make believe world!

Now, about how my book is going.  I have hit the rough 25,000 or so word mark.  Which is sweet because its the furthest I have ever gotten on a project.  I am finally getting into the thick of the story and loving every moment of it.  But it is bittersweet...because the average word count a publisher/agent looks for is around 80,000...so I still gots a ways to go.  I know I know.  Don't think about word count right now.  And I try not to.  I am trying to just get out the entire first draft...then I can go and add more.  But come on... its always on my mind. 

I am also at a point in the story where I am trying to decide the fate of a certain character.  Its hard!  Both paths I can take can potentially progress the story nicely...but which is the better choice?  The more I have been thinking about it, the more I am finally leading to one fate than the other.  I never realized how mind wrenching this can be.  We writers play God in our own make believe worlds.

That is about the jist of anything update worthy at this moment.  I am hoping next week I have better news.  But hey...its not all bad.  My mind is still rolling like an angry hamster on a metal wheel.  It will come...

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Keary Taylor said...

And an amazing job you did! I understand about the word count thing. You can't help but constantly watch it! I've been majorly stressing about it in Forsaken, still at only 72,000 and it's not going to get much longer... Oh well. I love that, that we play God on our worlds. Never thought of it like that but so true!


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