Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pretend Casting Call

So, this is fun. 

You go through all of Hollywood's finest and "cast" your novel. 
I have found it can really help, especially if you manage to find someone who looks like the image living within your head.  If gives a great waste of time while you sit on your hands and wait for November 1st to get here.  Either way: Here is my casting, so far.  I still have to cast more of the minors, but the ones here are the ones you will get to know, hopefully, pretty well. 

We will see!

Millie 942B (protagonist)

Reed Taylor

 Carl GF4 (antagonist)

Eddie Coleman

Jude GF4

BeeBee 823C

 Rune Sato

Yuuki Sato

1 comment:

Keary Taylor said...

Awesome! Can't wait to read it someday!


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