Sunday, October 31, 2010

We all need our writing spots

When you sit down to write, where you are can have a huge effect on you.  And while cozy coffee shops are amazing to create in, we cannot always find time or money to go there.  So, you need a niche in your own home.  Everyone has a different place. And everyone requires a different "sight" to keep them going.

While I do have a netbook and will be writing on it at times, I tend to do the majority of my writing on my good old desktop computer.  Now, we live in a two bedroom apartment, leaving us no space for the needed office.  So my bookcases reside in our bedroom...and the computers live in the dining room.  I have to admit, being as we seem to move almost yearly, I have sorely neglected a good decorating of our home.  This -yay!- will be our second Christmas, for the first time in our marriage, in the same place.

I have wondered why I never seemed to write very well when sitting at my computer.  Finally one day I looked around the room and realized: This has got to be one of the most uninspiring rooms in existance.  (I was looking up images recently of North Korea and realized that their decorating sense coincided well with my old dining room.  Sad...)  So, with birthday money in hand, I gave myself a project:

Turn this bland dining room into a novel-inspiring Writing Den.

Even though there are still small details to finish in my newly revamped Den, I felt it was time to post the pics of what it has turned into.  I still have to finish stitching the table runner (its isn't quite turning out right, so I am thinking of maybe just finding an already done runner and calling it good...we will see!) and would love to get the comedy/tragedy masks to hang on either side of the window.  Along with other small things that I will probably notice as I sit here writing this month.

All that aside...I totally am in love with this room now!  It is quite a change...and now when I sit in it, I WANT to write.  Which is good, being as that is what my wall is telling me to do.  And being as NaNoWriMo is a mere few hours away...

(And by the way, I sporatically get cleaning spells where everything does look neat and tidy like these photos.  Then my writer-mind takes over and all erupts.  So don't feel bad about your stacks of papers, soda cans, and candy wrappers.  I go there too...and stay for much too long!  Disorder is a sign of genius!)

So tell me, do you have a special place you must write?  Daring enough to post a photo of it on your blog, site, etc?  I dare you! 



And just a few other shots that I didn't take "before" pics for, but still wanted to show.

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Brad Jaeger said...

Wow! Talk about gung-ho! What a lovely transformation.

This is my first year with NaNoWriMo. On my days off (the next three, for example) I have a feeling I'll be writing early in the morning before the girlfriend wakes up.

The other 4 days a week I write at work. I actually get the bulk of my writing done here :) But I don't think I can really share pictures of my writing space, what with it being a sex shop and all, haha.

Best of luck, fellow NaNoteer!


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