Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekly Update

11 days until NaNoWriMo!  *does a happy, nervous dance*

It seems like it is taking forever to get here, but I know that once November 1st hits, I will be complaining that I am "just not ready yet."  Really though, how ready can one be for 30 days of intense, crazy, chaotic literary abandon?  Exactly.  So yes, I will continue my happy dance (And for those of you who may be wondering, I did have to pause and do an actual dance.  I couldn't resist it!) and count down the days for the start of hysteria!

In my prep for NaNoWriMo, I have completely put In the Blood on a very cold back burner.  Occasionally I find myself wanting to work on it.  Then as I sit down, I find ideas for Prison Nation start to roll.  Being as I cannot actually write any of it, I end up jotting notes, then regress to check the NaNoWriMo forums (Portland forum, you are doing me in!), then it gets real bad and I hit that dang StumbleUpon button...and all hope is lost. 

Note to self: Come November 1st, disable that much-too-tempting button!

Last night I finally got my head to hit the pillow around 11pm.  Then I just lay there, not falling asleep.  I wondered why.  Then I realized: I was plotting, again.  Afraid I would lose the snippet of a scene I just created in my head for my NaNovel, I reached to my side table and lo and behold, my pen and notebook weren't there.  Call me lazy, but I had just gotten all snuggled and didn't feel like climbing out of bed to search the things down.  So instead, I whipped open my phone, pulled up a new note, and plucked out the rough idea of what I got.  Hopefully it will jog my memory come NaNo time!

As far as the rest of prep goes...well, it goes.  I don't want to prep too much.  I hate outlining, and if I think about it too much more, I will find myself plotting out a detailed timeline for the entire book, which will then result in strangling out my excitement by turning it into an already planned assignment.  No wonder why I struggled with some aspects of school...It drove me nuts how every teacher assumed you had to plan out every inch in order to write anything worth reading.  Come on people!  Creativity isn't planned, its created.

So, at this moment in time, including the few very minor characters that may not even be graced with the blessing of a name, I have about 18 creations.  Still struggling for some names for the more pivotal yet not main characters...I would like to have those before the onset, otherwise I will get lost in naming land and the hopeful 1667 words-a-day count will cry due to neglect.  (By the way, writing 1667 words every day will get you 50,000 in 30 days.  Sweet huh?  That sounds a tidbit more do-able...I think.)

Now as I await the permission to finally dig in, I find myself scanning celebrity faces, finding the ones who best represent the people living in my head.  Once I at least get the leading cast picked, I will post it up for you all to gander at. 

I will close with two questions, answers are obviously being drooled after.

1.  Please describe for me what you think a cliche female psychiatrist would look like, sound like, all that.
2.  How many of you out there want me to post snippets on here as I write them, flaws and all?  I still can't decide if I should or not...feed back: GO!


Elizabeth Schubert said...

I actually would love to see some snippets from your work. And I wish you lived closer so that we could do a no talking write-a-thon! *Sigh* All well! I'm hoping we'll still be able to swap some ideas, since our books are so different I think that would be interesting, and a welcome break come week 2 and 3.
As for cliche shrinks, I would have to say she'd have mouse brown hair (no highlights or anything, clearly a box color job), pulled in a too tight bun, dead gray/brown eyes, with a very pointed nose. I also like the idea of her with those half moon spectacles like what Dumbledore wears in Harry Potter books xD My first thought of what she would sound like would be like Fran Fine in "The Nanny" with odd ways of speaking like that headmistress in the fourth Harry Potter book, who calls Dumbledore "Dumblydore"...Good luck!!!

Noelle Carey said...

1. I imagine Joan Cusack :)

Jenni Merritt said...

Noelle - Love it! Gotta keep her in mind!

Elizabeth - That is pretty much what I was thinking, minus the voice. I wanna make sure everyone else pictures similar cliches lol. As for writing, we can still write together! Its called IM-ing! :) I hear word wars are intense...


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