Friday, November 26, 2010

Forecast: Word Clouds Ahead

Thanks to the OLL post, I have discovered a pretty awesome, time wasting site that I know I will go back to much too often.  Thank you OLL!

You plug in your writing, then it counts how much you use each word and makes a pretty cloud, just for your writing-procrastinating pleasure!  WAY too many options, and too cool to look at when you are done.  I plan to make the cloud again once my novel is done, but for fun I made some right now.  (How could I not?)

Also, it gives you a count of how many times you used each word.  Such as saying "Reed" 285 times.  Hey Reed, I think Millie likes you.  -wink wink-

Without common words...Hello Reed and Eyes!
Ok common words... I will let you show off too
 Site link:

And on a quick update:
I have begun the climax of the story.  Intensity!  I can't believe how close I am to finishing this first draft.  I have a growing list already of things I know I need to go back in and add, delete, edit... The list, it grows!

I know a few of you out there have asked to read this book 'o mine.  Well, I will be doing a basic edit first... then I will let a few read it, for feedback and more editing.  I can't just let everyone out there read it though.  Who knows, maybe lady luck will smile on me...

 All is going good though.  Today my hubby has to work pretty much all day (Thank you Black Friday...) so I am not sure what I will get written.  He pulled out the christmas box this morning, and my oldest kiddo begged to put up the tree, so today just may be a deco day.  Which I do need.  What makes you happier than little Santas and glittering lights?

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