Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Broke 10k!

Here comes the end of day three and... I have already broken 10,000 words!!  True story!  So far I have been having 3-4k writing days, and it feels great!  (Being as the daily goal is 1667...)  Granted my brain feels very fried and abused, I am truly loving this adventure!

I am finally getting more into the story, and getting excited for things to finally get going!  Something that I have noticed is, no matter what novel I am working on, my chapters always end up being roughly 6 pages long (single spaced, blah blah)  That is very much so holding true for my NaNovel.  I think word wars are the one thing that is really helping me get this out.  (Thanks Kimmel!)  I am finding myself looking forward to the wars every night, and know the day is just around the corner where I will be totally schooled.  :)

Anyhoo, I just thought to brag a bit and tell everyone that...I broke 10k I broke 10k! 
That means I "only" have about 40k to is do-able.  It is...

Word count tonight before I log off and hopefully pass out into a happy writer coma:


1 comment:

Keary Taylor said...

Nice work Jenni! That is awesome!


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