Friday, November 19, 2010

Plotting Plotting

Its funny, because I always saw myself more as a pantser.  But here I am, plotting in my head what should happen, detail by detail.  I am not making charts or outlines or any of that sort.  No way.  All that does is make it feel like school, which means homework, and I rarely ever did my homework.  Rarely. 

(Strange side fact:  I keep having this reoccurring dream, where I am in school.  Good old high school.  And there is some class that I keep skipping, so much to the point that I forgot I was even enrolled in it.  Until I find out I am failing it and need to pass to graduate.  But I don't even know where the class IS, much less WHAT it is.  I have no idea why I keep dreaming this.  I graduated five and a half years ago.  Huh...)

Thank you's to those who took the time to give me their feedback on my last post.  You have no idea how much it did help.  It was nice to hear my thoughts reinforced by all of you, some of you even who I barely or don't even know!  You rock.  Yup, pretty much.

So I have decided to go with that little writer hiding in the back of my head screaming "Don't do it!"  Which does bum me out.  I originally totally had these characters planned in.  It all made sense.  And I love them, I really really do.  This story has been writing itself.  While I do love the direction it chose to take, sadly it passed by these characters on the writing road and left them in its WriMo dust.  I do believe though that the ending will be much stronger without suddenly throwing them all in too, and the one part I have mentioned them can easily be edited out. 

Oh, the things we writers cry about.

(Awesome.  I am so trained.  I just hit ctrl+s without even thinking of it.  Back up crazy anyone?)

Tonight, I will write.  It was nice to take the two day break to make decisions, eat too much chocolate, and watch Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince with my hubby.  (Oh man...get to see the newest one tomorrow.  Really hoping it doesn't suck!)

Break is over though. 
Time to finish this bad boy, then dive into the dreaded editing stage. 
Can you hear my huge huge gulp at that thought?

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Elizabeth Schubert said...

You can do it Jenni!! I've been having a very bad day, and thus have been very successful at procrastinating my writing XD. I've got about 2.5 hours before I have to head to the theater, but I doubt I'll get even a single word in. *Sigh*
I'm actually rather excited for the editing part :) For some reason, it's where all my great ideas come out of hiding. "Oh you're done? Good! Here's my idea..."


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