Monday, November 8, 2010

Week One ends and....

Last night was the end of week one.  How did I fare you ask?


No kidding!  I am no officially halfway done with the NaNoWriMo challenge...and still have three weeks to go!  Crazy times, right there!  I know my novel will be longer than 50k . At first I was wondering I could even GET to that I am pretty sure I will soar right past it.

I still feel good.  I am finally at a point where more things are happening.  Life for Millie is about to completely change.  Is she ready?  They have severed her ties, drilled her brain with facts, and prepped her to be the perfect citizen.  Will she be though?  Only crazy WriMo will tell!

(And by the way, I have another snippet I am thinking of posting.  Tune in tonight for my decision...or non-decision...)

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