Sunday, November 28, 2010

WriMo Certificate

Call me a geek.  Or a dork.  I don't care.
I am darn-tootin' proud of winning this, and when you are proud of something, you show it off!  So, after printing up my NaNoWriMo Winner Certificate on Thanksgiving, I asked my sister-in-law Samantha to snap some pics of me showing it off.

Oh yes.  You know you are jealous.

Something I have been noticing though is that people don't seem to understand what I won.  Some think it was a competition and I am the 1st place winner.  Some ask if there was a cash prize or some other awesome goodie.  To those of you still confused, here is what I "won":

-A cool certificate that is now hanging above my desk
- Bragging rights to the fact that I wrote 50k words in 30 days (even more so since I did it in 14!)
-The knowledge that I can, in fact, write that much.

Don't say its lame.  It was a personal competition with myself, and once I hit that 50k mark, I won.  If you know me at all, you know that I have always loved writing, but have never finished any of my projects.  Now, thanks to this challenge, I am only a few chapters away from wrapping up the first draft of my first novel.  Winning NaNoWriMo isn't about cash or prizes or being numero uno.  Its about proving to yourself that you are amazing, that you can write, and that you can do this.

That's what I won.  And I am darn proud of it.

I am a 2010 WriMo.  Are you?


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Now I get it.

brandon said...

You could be Daryl and my favorite author. We like Anne Rice only anymore it seems. Michael Chrichton is decent but below our reading level. Jenni Merritt is the best. ;-)

Jenni Merritt said...

ha thanks Brandon!

I actually did a writing analysis once online. Its says most of my writing is like Stephen King...a few sections like Stephanie Meyer, and other pieces like Anne Rice. Very nice.

Hopefully you like the finished product!!

Elizabeth Schubert said...

YAY JENNI! My stupid computer won't open up my winner's certificate, so I just saved the image in photoshop and typed my name in that way! Lol.
Good job!


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