Friday, November 5, 2010

WriMo Update

Day five is over.

My official word count as of this exact moment in time:  
18, 686

I am not about 38% done with my NaNovel.  If I can keep up this crazy pace, I could be done with it come November 14th.  No kidding.  Now then...can I?  More so...will I?

I am feeling pretty good!  It feels good to be punching this out word after word.  Granted, I am terrified to go back and read any of it for fear of finding utter crap.  I keep reminding myself that that is ok.  Editing was invented for a reason.  So, I skim what I have, and write write write.

My secret?  Word Wars.  I write alright on my own, but always end up zoning out, wandering off...eating... With a war, I am focused and determined to win.  It feels awesome to throw-up the words and, most of the time, win. (Yeah yeah...not every time...sigh...  Haha.)  I think if it wasn't for awesome word wars, I wouldn't be NEARLY this far along. (thank you Kimmel and Elizabeth and the awesome online Portland WriMos!)

This weekend I have tentatively committed to a 10k challenge.  By sunday night, I need to try to get 10,000 more words written.  Now, I know I CAN do this.  But...will I?  Oh man I will try.  If I can do that, then I will be more than halfway done.  How awesome is that?  Wish me luck with THAT one...

Yes, my brain is feeling slightly fried and is threatening spontaneous combustion.  My butt hurts from too much sitting and I miss my tv and zoning time.  Just imagine though...I am this much closer to actually finishing a novel.  How long have I been trying that and getting mostly nowhere?  Maybe this novel sucks, maybe it is hidden gold.  Only time will tell that one.  But now I am realizing...I really can do this.  I can bust out almost sensible sentences into almost complete paragraphs and am getting closer and closer to almost finishing a novel!


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Keary Taylor said...

Go Jenni! Just imagine how awesome it's going to feel when you are finished with the first draft of your very own first novel! I'll tell you, it's amazing! I'm so proud of you Jenni! You're doing amazing!


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