Monday, December 27, 2010

Weekly Update

Weekly Update.  That's just a horrible name for my updates, being as I really have not been doing them weekly.  But I will keep it.  Maybe it will encourage me to actually do a weekly update... soon.

I started in on editing PN.  Well, kind of.  I have read through chapter one and added/deleted things.  All in all, I managed to add about 300 words to it!  Then I dove into chapter two, noted the places to fix/change... and the baby started to cry, so I stepped away and haven't found myself stepping back yet.

I know, I know.  I need to just buckle down and do it.  And believe me, I want to!  What with the holidays though, and me getting this delightful cold that just won't leave, and my super non-confidence kicking in full swing... Someone light this dang fire under my butt, please!

We are hoping to head up to visit my family this weekend.  I have asked hubby to fix Word on my netbook so I can work on editing on the drive.  (Netbook came with a trial version of Word 2007, and once the trial period ended and I still hadn't bought a product key, it froze up the whole program.  LAME.)  It would be nice to have that car-time to sit and read it, so I am really crossing my fingers that my totally awesome hubby can wiggle his computer magic. 

My youngest sister-in-law has really been wanting me to change who I had "cast" as Millie.  I guess Emily Browning is a bit over used.  I don't fully like her either (a tiny bit too baby faced) but she was the best I could find at the time to portray the lady I pictured in my head.  So I give you all a challenge:  Find me my Millie.  Preferable short chin length or so hair (though hair doesn't matter quite so much...).  Pretty face.  Slim.  Looks around 18 years old.  I want to see who you all can find, being as my knowledge of the celebrity world is mighty slim.

On another note:  I have been plunking out a short story.  I recently read The Forest of Hands and Teeth and Dead Tossed Waves (reviews to come... eventually) and it really got me thinking about what happens to the person after they turn.  I got a fun idea formed, but know it wouldn't work for an entire novel, so short story it is!  I started to write it last night, and am having fun with this total change from most anything I usually write.  Mental breaks are good.  And fun.  Plus, its zombie... come on!

Well, that about sums up my adventures at the moment.  I hope everyone had a great Christmas season.  My kiddos totally loved it, and my hubby spoiled me with giftcards to Powells and Kohls... I am set!  I was the awesome wife and got him World of Warcraft Cataclysm.  Yes, I rock.  Thank you, Thank you.

Oh!  One more thing!  I know a few of you have been spreading word to other friends and online places about me and my blog and noveling adventures.  THANK YOU.  It has been awesome to see a few more hits to my blog than usual, and meeting people I don't even know who think I have an idea worth reading.  Please, keep it up.  You all rock.  More than me.  Like... literally.

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