Friday, January 21, 2011

Big Picture Pass: DONE

Today I finished the first read-thru (aka the Big Picture Pass) of PN.  It felt pretty awesome to pin up the last notecard on my wall and see my entire novel before my eyes.

1 novel
4 Acts
7 Anchor scenes
22 Chapters
65 Scenes

1 busy busy me

It was nice to sit down and read the entire thing with *ahem* minimal editing.  (Sorry Lani!  I couldn't resist a few dire editing moments... but most of the time I bit back and just took notes, I promise!)

There are definitely things that need major editing.  And there are places that I absolutely love and want to read over and over again.  That's a good balance, right? 

Now I believe I have earned a night off.  Our Netlix movie arrived today, so we will sit and watch Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (If you don't know... I am very into weird movies, giving most every movie a shot even if others say it sucks.  Hence me liking stories that most people steer totally clear of.)  Class is on sunday, and I think I will give myself tomorrow off to do things like... relax.

Total side note, but wanted to make a shout out to Keary, who finished her first draft of her book Eden today.  She blogged about it on her blog here.  This is book number four she has finished now... Keary, if I could be a smidge as awesome as you, I would be set!  I can't wait to read it!

Ok all, I am signing out now.  Time to turn off my writer brain, eat some chinese, and watch a flick.
Life can be good.


Julia Broadbooks said...

I love your board! I've only done mine virtually with Scrivener, but I think I might have to try real cards just to have the satisfaction of seeing it in front of me.

Keary Taylor said...

Yay! Congrats on finishing the first phase of editing! You're one step closer!

Brad Jaeger said...

I love your process!

Kay Elam said...

Yours is so much neater than mine and you got yours up much earlier than me. Looks GREAT!


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