Monday, January 10, 2011

Editing Mama

Let me tell you about my morning:

Keary and I have set up to meet up and write/edit like mad.  So, today marked day one.  6 AM was the meet up time, thank you good old online messenger.

My alarm went off at 5:30 AM.  And, thanks to the wonderful invention of the snooze alarm, mixed with just being tired, I slept in.  At about 6:30 I climbed out of bed, careful to not wake up my little boy who was snuggled against me.  I was late.  Dang it.

Well, I tripped.  Yup, full out toe stub, followed by a crash to the ground.  My husband woke up long enough to ask if I was alright, then fell back asleep.  I limped out of the room, only to find my clutzy crash had woken up my other little kiddo.  He demanded breakfast.

So, off to the kitchen I go.  I punch on my computer as I pass, then set to work getting him his cereal, turning on his cartoons, and rubbing my aching foot.  Have you ever noticed that computers boot up a heck of a lot slower when you are running late?

Kid settled.  Cartoons playing.  I sit down and click open my Facebook to find Keary.  But she isn't there.  I grumble once again at my snooze alarm.  Then I remember MSN Messenger.  Yes, that does still exist.  And some of us who won't let it go do still use it.

So, I go to log in, only to find I must be typing in the wrong password.  Oy.  Time to reset, which means logging into another one of my emails to retrieve the password reset option... Yay, it is finally reset!  Only now... Keary is on Facebook.  Ha, oh man.

I grab some cereal and drink, then settle down onto my computer.  We are so ready to go.  Oh, wait... I need to open my word doc, silly me. 

I dive in and start to read and do my rough first edit.  Then in comes hubby with kiddo number 2.  I guess everyone in the family decided it was awake time now.  Which would be fine and dandy... if my hubby had stayed awake.  Instead, he conks back out on the couch and here I am, almost 7 AM, trying to finally edit my novel with my two year old and 7 month old hanging all over me.

I can do this.

The boys finally get distracted with each other and I work to accomplish the challenge Keary gave me: 6 more pages edited.  Just as I round the last bend, baby wants mommy and I find myself typing single handed while feeding his cuteness.

And there we go... I am about done with 7 pages of morning editing!  Kids are back in the living room, hubby has disappeared to prep for work... when I hear gagging.  Yup, baby had found something small and decided to put it in his mouth, then tried to retrieve it with his fingers and... GAG!  Throw up everywhere.  Delightful.

Clean up done, baby happy, older kiddo laughing... I finish editing page 7 of the morning and now its time for hubby to leave.  I will call it good for now.  Maybe this afternoon I will snag a quiet moment and edit some more.  Maybe.

Let me tell you though, aside from all the shenanigans of the morning, I do like this.  I am thinking I may try to do it again... I am far from a morning person, but it has been nice to start my day with my novel. 

I added about 350 words.  Edited 7 pages.  
Word count is now at 66,581.  


Kimmel Tippets said...

Wow, that is quite the morning you've had. Way to go on the 7 pages edited though! You're inspiring me to work on mine more if that makes you feel any better! I think nap time today will be a sit down and try and edit day...yes, I think it will.

Keary Taylor said...

haha, I just chuckled as I read this. Awesome way to start the morning. I started the 6 am thing about a week and a half ago and it was REALLY tough to do for the first few days but after that I found I was looking forward to my morning writes. Now if I can just do some at naptime and then bedtime...

Trisha said...

Love the picture in this entry! :D

Well done with getting to your editing though :)

Jenni Merritt said...

I did about 10 more pages today I believe. I got so into reading that I started to forget to edit... which is good right?

Trisha - I found this image a while back and have been waiting for the perfect chance to use it. Today I got it! :)


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