Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

A photo I took on the island.  Beautiful.

Happy New Year my awesome blogger readers!  I hope you all had a chance to ring it in in whatever manner best suits you.  And now, a new year has begun.  Welcome 2011!

I am currently up visiting my family on the island I grew up on. Oh my, it is gorgeous up here.  Snow blanketing the ground, waves crashing on shores.  I miss the inspiration that this island just breathes.  I could easily pack my netbook, hide away at one of the many beaches or forest paths, crack open a Mt. Dew White Out, and be set for the entire day.  I miss this...

For New Years we took it easy, spending time with my brothers, their wives and kiddos, and my Dad.  My mom had to work, sadly, but we will get to see her today.  By midnight one sister-in-law and my hubby were dead asleep, my dad had disappeared for his on-call duty for the EMS, and the remaining of us casually said "Happy New Year" then went back to recalling childhood memories about crazy friends, chocolate syrup, monsters in the attic... the list goes on.  It was a good one.  I am happy... and very, very tired.

Do you set a New Years Resolution?  I never really have... it almost seems more like a lame excuse to make a goal, one that you will most likely not even keep come February.  I think if you want to set a goal, truly, you don't need January 1's beckoning call.  Just do it!

None the less... I do believe it is time to set some goals.  Ever since I finished NaNoWriMo, I have been kind of floating around, occasionally plunking words here and there, but never actually doing anything. I need to set another deadline of some sort...badly.

1.  EDIT PN!  Dang it Jenni, just do it!  This thing won't edit itself.  I am wanting to send it to some friends to read, but I need to finish (er... start) this first round before 'I can do that.  So, how do I set a goal to accomplish this?  Keary has challenged me to some editing fests, so that will help.  I can't wait!  Aside from that... I guess it is time once again to block StumbleUpon, lessen Facebook, and set aside my paperback I have been dying to read.  DO IT

2.  Kimmel and I have been dinking with an idea of writing a bunch of short stories, then compiling them and self-publishing the collection on Amazon, mostly just for ourselves, and for fun.  I really want to do this!  I am almost done with my zombie story, then need to think up a few new ideas to scribble out! 

3.  Totally not writing related... but this year I want to learn to make bread.  Real bread.  I need to stop being a yeast murderer, and make some delicious bread already! 

Alright.  All of the cousins are out playing in the snow and my kiddo is dying to join them.  I hope you have an awesome start to the New Year.  Go do something fun.. then write about it!  Now, I am off to walk in a winter wonderland.

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Keary Taylor said...

I can't wait for the writing/editing fest either! I'm so excited to wrap up the first draft of Eden. Then it's a race to the finish between us ;) That's so funny you have snow over there. The only snow here is on top of mount constitution.


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