Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mid-Novel Speedbump

I have now read through half of my lovely manuscript.  While the first nine chapters pulled me along in their flow, I am now slowing and having to push myself through.  This middle part, without a doubt, is in dire need of some major TLC. 

To be honest, it is slightly disheartening.  I know:  Its a rough draft.  It is supposed to suck.  That is why I am now going over this, to polish it and make it shine.  I guess I am just realizing that I do have more work ahead of me... but it will get done!  There have been moments I have read that I completely love.  Those are what are keeping me reading.

I know some of you are hoping I will talk more about what Lani is teaching in my Revisions class.  Now, as I may quote some things and mention things here and there, I need to let you know that I won't share all the lessons.  If you want to know more, then sign up for the next class!  Taking a good class, or reading a good instruction book, is very much worth it my friends.

As of right now, I have index cards finally appearing on my wall, scenes and Acts growing, and a much better idea of what this thing is that I call my first novel.  Now I just need to convince my confidence to stay...

My question:  How do you chase away the writer blues and doubts that still battle against you, no matter how much you remind yourself you ARE awesome?


Julia Broadbooks said...

It is hard not to give into doubts that set in. Sometimes I really have to make a consious effort to take note of what works as well as what still needs refining.

Brad Jaeger said...

There's a few ways to combat those nagging doubts. Some of the things that have worked for me:

- Thinking about steaming piles of crap that have gone on to be published and flourish

- Reminding myself that the first draft will always suck. ALWAYS

- Telling myself that the craft only improves through practice


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