Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pick a Point of View

As a challenge with my NaNoWriMo project this year, I decided to write in 1st person.  I have rarely done that before.  Many times I would stop and realize that the entire paragraph I had just punched out was accidentally written in 3rd, and would have to go back and change it into the correct point of view.

I have realized I do like writing in 1st person.  It gives a different feel to the novel, and lets you dive further into who the character is.  Although, I can't say I am completely won over by it.  I have always written in 3rd person, and have a feeling that that is what I will always turn to when the typing gets going. 

Still though, it is good to try new things.  And to push yourself out of that oh-so-comfy comfort zone you have gladly settled into.  In fact, the short story I am busting out just for fun right now is in 1st person.  But it only makes sense to make that one in that POV... you will see...

So now I pose my question:

What POV do you prefer 
when reading a good story?

1st person (I-Me-We)
3rd person (He-She-They)

2nd person is just strange and hard to do, unless you are writing a Goosebumps Choose-You-Own-Path book... so we just won't go there. 

Now, comment away and let me know which, and why!  I really am curious.  As for me... decision has yet to be made.


Keary Taylor said...

Well you know I perfer first. I haven't really written anything in 3rd since I was in high school. The thing I like about it is that it allows you to connect with the character. Instead of telling about them you are talking for them, you become that character in a way. It's always easier for me to get in their head that way :)

GryphonFledgling said...

It really, really depends. Sometimes it works with one particular story, sometimes it doesn't.

I personally write in third person mostly because I tend to feel limited by first person and my first person narrators tend to be way too wordy, seeing as how I can see everything they are thinking.

But as for reading, it depends on the story, methinks.

Kimmel Tippets said...

I've never done first person before, though it is something I would like to try. I like reading either style as long as it is done well. If it is, you don't even really notice which says a lot about how well it was written.


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