Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekly Update

I finally have started to edit Prison Nation.  Yesterday I was able to edit about 4 chapters.  I have a feeling it will be a slower process, that is until Keary kicks my butt into editing with our editing fests.  Let's do this thing, Keary! 

Right now my focus is just going through, reading what I wrote, adding in pieces I have listed to add and fixing things that I feel like fixing at this moment.  I am not focusing on grammar and those oh-so-fun things.  That will come in some other round... later.  Much later. 

Its interesting to go back and read what I did write.  There are whole sections that I wrote that I had forgotten about, and it was fun to rediscover them now.  I've let a couple close friends read chapter one, and aside from them stating the obvious "this still needs grammar editing bad" they seemed to like it.  Which is encouraging. 

I was talking to one of my sister in laws the other day.  She was telling me how one of the reasons that she tends to not like 1st person is because the main character always seems... bland.  Boring.  Blah.  I can't say I disagree.  Now I am hoping that Millie doesn't seem totally flat.  That is my goal: Make her alive.

The photo I posted with this post today is a shot of my desk while I was editing yesterday.  Yes, that was my editing sustenance.  Water, and a chocolate orange.  We had our Within Temptation station on Pandora playing.  I was in a slight groove... and it felt awesome. 

I need to get to the store and get more editing sustenance.  Maybe less chocolate...  Though that would almost seem like a sin.

Well, that's my writing update.  Chocolate, editing, and flat characters. 
Sounds like a writer's world to me!


Keary Taylor said...

Yes! Let's do this! And YAY for 4 chapters! I've recently discovered a better writing food than chocolate (okay, maybe not BETTER but better FOR you): dehydrated mangos! Very yummy and addictive! Now, let's do some writing/editing!

Trisha said...

To me that seems like a weird take on first person narrative - personally I think it gives you a chance to make the character MORE alive. the action more "immediate", so to speak.

But oh well :D

Good luck with your editing!


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