Monday, February 21, 2011

Blogging Award!

How many of you have ever seen those blogging awards floating around, and wondered how they are given?  I can sure say I have!  Well, a fellow blogger (we mutually follow each other) was recently awarded one, and I finally got to see how they are passed!  Now, she chose to not exactly name who she was awarding, but more so invited some of us to accept the award.  So, I still can't fully say I have actually "won" this yet, but still...

Stylish Blogger Award!

The rules:

1.  Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2.  State seven things about yourself.
3.  Pass the award on to 15 recently discovered great bloggers.

So, firstly of course, thanks Sylvia for passing this along!  Its been awesome to "meet" you!

And here are the facts:
1.  I was born and raised on a tiny island in the cup of Washington state, called San Juan (not to be mistaken with the one in the warmer south)  While it is featured as a great place to vacation, and it truly is, living there can be... slow.  But I do miss it!
2.  I have to eat my mac and cheese with ketchup.  Without it, it just tastes wrong.
3.  I was engaged my senior year of high school, and married just two months after graduating.  No, not because of any pregnancy.  We were in love, still are, and that is more than enough reason.
4.  I used to sit alone, just to see if someone would talk to me.
5.  I cannot swim.  I can barely stand water.  And no thank you, I really don't want to learn.
6.  I have only been out of the country once, and that wasn't even to Canada that I could see from "my" island I lived on.  It was to Mexico... I want to travel BADLY, just need the moolah for that adventure.
7.  Mt Dew is pretty much my life source.  True Story.

And lastly... time to pass this on!  I am not sure if I will have 15 bloggers, but here are the few coming to mind as I tap this post out!  Enjoy the award!

1.  Keary Taylor (I know, not too recently discovered... but you deserve it!)
2.  Brad Jaeger
3.  Abby Minard (Above Water)
4.  Julia Broadbooks
5.  Alyson Green (Addicted to Heroines)
6.  Kelley Vitollo
7.  Kim Switzer (not to mention she was Portland's AWESOME NaNoWriMo 2010 ML!)
8.  Trisha (Word+Stuff)

I know I know, it said 15.  And I know more of you out there deserve a good award... but this is about as much as I can do today.  I had totally planned to spend this weekend diving back into editing my MS, but illness hit my home and today we are all finally recovering.  So, its time to go cuddle and eat something yummy.  If you are a new follower of mine, and really want a special award to make your day... feel free to declare this yours too.  Much love.

Happy blogging all!  You are all amazing and I am happy that I get to "know" you.


Trisha said...

Aww, thanks Jenni! :D I will have to put this on my to-do list ;)

Julia Broadbooks said...

So cool! I will definitely do this.

I saw you're reading Shiver. Do you like it? My daughter didn't even finish it, but she couldn't really articulate why she disliked it so much.

Jenni Merritt said...

Trisha - Aw Anytime! I love reading your blog, even if I don't comment as much as I should

Julia - I just started it. I will most likely do a review on here for it, whenever I get around to doing one for the last book I read (Matched) It seems too early to tell what I think of it... but it will come!

Keary Taylor said...

Awesome! Thanks Jenni! ;)

The Survival Mama said...

Good work, and congrats.
Loving this blog design.

swinging by, and following so I don't miss anymore good stuff.
The Survival Mama

Abby Minard said...

Aw, thanks Jenni!

LOVE your facts. Those are so interesting- I've never heard of that island, and that is so sweet you're still with your high school sweetheart! You are so brave for sitting alone- I could never do it! And ew, ketchup???

Jenni Merritt said...

Survival Mama - Thanks! I have thought of changing up how my blog looks, but every time I start to, I miss this design :)

Abby - The San Juans in WA are gorgeous. I recommend them sometime for a quiet get away. And yes, I have my HS sweetheart, though he went to school somewhere else and we didnt date until just after he graduated lol. Sitting alone wasn't as much brave as it was desperate. I have this crazy need to feel needed and noticed... And as for the ketchup... try it at least once. It tastes almost like spaghetti-ohs, I swear!

Brad Jaeger said...

Awww, much obliged Jenni :)

Misha said...

*Skips in*

Hi! Just dropped by to check out your blog.

Congrats on the award. :-)

Jenni Merritt said...

Misha - Oh, you skipped with me! Very awesome. :)


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