Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I need a Kick

A swift kick.

And I am not talking about the awesome kick of waking up, as shown in Inception.  Though that would be nice... I never feel fully awake anymore.  (Inception... Oh man I do love that movie.  Not only does it totally send your mind on a "I cannot even blink anymore or I will miss something" ride, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt managed to move himself quite comfortably onto my Yummy list.  Yes, I have a yummy list.)

No, when I say kick I am meaning a very swift, unforgiving kick in the dairy-aire.

I have pretty much slacked so much you wouldn't even think I have a novel waiting to be edited.  I hate it.  I think about it all the time, I say I want to do it, I feel guilty about not doing it...  Then I find I have been staring at Facebook for about 30 minutes, or clicking StumbleUpon, or zoning out completely.  My writing time has become Mr. Inexistent time.  And it sucks.

But I can't seem to change it.

Writing friends out there:  Is it normal to read your MS to many times that you just hate it?  That every sentence starts looking like crap to you and all you want is to ditch it and move on? 

I am in the infedelity phase, full force.

Of course, sitting here blogging about it really isn't helping me at all.  I laugh at myself... chuckle chuckle.  

I am thinking I need to revamp my schedule.  Reassertive my drive.  Put butt in seat and do this thing already, because it will never be done until I make it done.  Shiny new ideas... stop tempting me! Please? 

If any of you have any tips, tricks, love or kicks, send them my way!


Keary Taylor said...

The thing that works best for me is routine. I have to have one. Thus I drag myself outo f bed at 6:30 and work for an hour. Then if possible I try for another hour while Liam naps, and then again if possible, another hour after the kids go to bed.

If you're feeling worn out with PN, just try imagining what it will be like when you start sending query letters. Maybe that will help you feel excited, start looking up lots of agents and make a list, and start on your query letter.

You can do this Jenni! You love it so don't let it slack away!

Julia Broadbooks said...

"Writing friends out there: Is it normal to read your MS to many times that you just hate it? That every sentence starts looking like crap to you and all you want is to ditch it and move on?"

Gosh, I hope that is normal. I have reread my book so much I hate the sound of my voice. I actually did go back and work on another work for a little bit. Did some critique for friends. And I read a lot.

When I finally went back, all the flaws were still there. They just seemed more fixable. I was able to see the good things there, too, which is important.

Don't give up!!!

Kay Elam said...


I've heard there's this online class called revisions that will motivate you to get that ms edited. Oh, wait. I'm taking that class. I'm reading blogs. I'm leaving comments. Hummm... Never mind.

See you in the class forums.


Jenni Merritt said...

Kay - I've heard of that class! *blogs some more...*


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