Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stare at the internet...

Oh blogging world... you are too easy to get lost in.

Another great post that made me chuckle.  Over on Tahera Mafi's blog, this awesome posting from a few months back made me laugh and realize: I'm not the only one.  I won't post the entire list here.  To read it, go on over to her blog by clicking... here!

Love the last few bullets though:
90. read until your eyes bleed.
91. stare at your book.
92. stare at the internet.
93. stare at your book.
94. stare at the internet.
97. cry.
98. cry.
99. cry.
Oh, and as for me... can you tell I am still procrastinating?  I WAS going to wake up nice and early today and dive right in.  But my kiddos slept in, and I just needed to take advantage of that rarity and gather a few for z's myself. 

It felt great, in case you were wondering. 

Tonight I have no actual plans though.  So if all goes well and if I slap myself enough times, I will edit another few pages, chapters, something!

Total side note:  Upon checking my traffic and audience for this here blog, I noticed I have quite a few hits from places like... South Korea, Canada, Germany, Australia, Slovenia, UK, Russia... how crazy is that?  I would LOVE to know where some (all) of you are from!  So if you are reading this, even if you never post a comment, leave one and let me know where my blogging readers are sitting! 

Happy writing.


Julia Broadbooks said...

That's hilarious. You seem to be ahead of me in the process. I think I might be stuck way back at chewing coffee grounds for breakfast.

Trisha said...

Hahaha, loved that link!

And I'm one of the Aussies! :D Though recently I may have checked your page from the other hemisphere when I was in Canada/the U.S.


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