Thursday, February 24, 2011

Update and Interview

I know, I have been pretty horrid about updating.  This stomach bug that snagged my family has been nasty and refusing to leave.  A very unwelcome house guest indeed!  Everyone seems to be doing better now though, so I am hoping (crossing fingers hard) that this means I can get back to it!

I have been able to somehow manage editing three chapters during this sickness fiasco.  Its coming along, slowly but surely.  I just got feedback from one friend who read my super rough draft, with some awesome insights and some very much so needed encouragement.  You rock, you know you do.

There really aren't enough hours in the day.  You would think life could just allow you a few each day to do the thing you love... instead it seems to take those hours away.  I need to set an actual editing schedule, that works for me... Any advice?

And... another fellow blogger has posted an interview of me.  These aspiring author interviews are awesome.  Filling them out makes me realize how much I need to finish this WIP of mine, so that I can do actual author interviews someday.  Haha.  Not to mention I have been meeting even more awesome people out there.  (Yes, you, and you, and you.)

Brad is an awesome fellow writer and blogger.  We mutually follow each other's blogs (Yes... stalk) and I am very excited to have this posted on his!

Here's the link to Brad's page, and the interview.  Check it out!   
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Brad Jaeger said...

It was great having you Jenni. And when that day comes that you have to tour for your upcoming published novel, be sure to swing by again for part-two!

Jenni Merritt said...

Haha, oh you know I will.


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