Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WIP Day - Character love and Covers

Hello all!  Happy wednesday, and happy WIP Day.  I hope you all are doing something productive today... or at least discovering some new awesome pages via StumbleUpon.  Either way, kudos to you!

Well, I am finally hearing back from some of my beta readers.  I can't wait to get all of their thoughts back, all of the red markings, praise, tears, and confusion.  It will be awesome to sift through it all and see what my creation really created.

My goal is to start back in on my paper edit this weekend.  I am nearly done with my beta reading for my friend, then I can give 100% back to PN.  It needs love, undivided.  I am hoping that my own betas will start trickling their thoughts in soon too *ahem* though I am not really needing it all until I am done with this round.  So betas, beware... I am getting there!  Read read read!

Something I have realized: My characters have become family to me.  When I am not reading or writing or editing, I worry about them.  I wonder what they are doing, if they miss me, if they feel neglected.  A few have been trickling into my dreams even.  I am in love with one, I hate another, one confuses me and one my heart breaks for every time I think of its fate.

We writers are the crazy type.  And we love every second of it.

Oh!  Keary and I have been working together on a cover for PN.  Keary is very awesome at cover design.  I can never seem to get the typeset looking right... Keary does it with ease.  If anything, it will make an awesome place holder.  I do really like it.  If I don't magically get picked up by an agent, and if something cover worthy that is even more awesome doesn't come along, this will most likely be the one I use for CreateSpace.  I know I will definitely use it for the free proof copy I won via NaNoWriMo.  Yay!

And, for fun, a banner I made as well.  I am sure there will be more to come. 

What do you think?  Are you like me and are addicted to making random covers and banners and such for you WIP, even though you know you should be writing instead? Or do you hold off and refuse to make anything until the polishing is done? 

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Trisha said...

Oh my, I know just how you feel. ;) My characters are definitely my family. My MC is my sister, her love interest is MINE :P And her "brothers" (bandmates) are MY "brothers". hehe


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