Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP Day - It has officially... begun...

Around friday last week, I started wondering what I would post today.  I realized a horrifying fact: I had nothing to update about.  Since I have been working so hard of beta reading for someone else, I hadn't even flipped open PN in, um, much too long.  That was just not right. 

So, Monday evening, I sat down and officially began my paper edit. *applause*

Note to self: Do not start editing at 9pm if you want to get to sleep at any sort of a decent hour.  Yeah... but at least I did 25 pages!  As of last night, I am now on page 68.  I wanted to edit more last night, but once it became midnight I realized that I really needed to hit the sack.  Thirty minutes later, my 10 month old woke up.... Luckily my hubby is amazing and did the diaper changing.

My plan... tentatively:  Be done with my paper edit by this time next week.  I really think I can do it.  I have emailed my beta readers, giving them a heads up.  So far I have recieved feedback from two... but I know more of them have finished reading it.  Now I am just waiting for their thoughts *clears throat*

Let me tell you, the paper edit puts a whole new light on PN.  I sit there, holding it in my lap with red pen in hand, then have to sit back and realize: Its a book.  This is a real book.  I wrote this.

I shake the amazement, then dive back in.  Finding lots of little typos.  Can't believe I sent this out to people to read.  Oh, I forgot I wrote that part!  Oh, I love this part!  Oh my goodness, how could I ever send this bleeding page out to people to read?

I am loving it.

And, just because I mentioned the diaper earlier, I think I now smell something calling the mommy name.  The joys of a stay at home mom dreaming of being a writer.  I wouldn't trade it.

Happy writing!


Keary Taylor said...


But go Jenni! The paper edit is so much fun!

Julia Broadbooks said...

Very exciting!!

Jo Schaffer said...

Tally ho! (= It is so hard to balance the mommy/writer/ writer support thingy. I read so much of other people's stuff for edits etc.-- that most of my writing is in the wee hours when the kids are in bed. Odor free, quiet hours. (=


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