Monday, April 4, 2011

Spotlight: Indie Cover Designs

Let's all be honest here.  You do judge a book by its cover.  I know we have all been taught not to... That what is inside is what truly matters.  But if the cover doesn't grab your attention, if it doesn't make you want to reach out and inspect the book, more likely than not you won't.  I am a huge cover judge.  I admit it.  The prettier/more fantastic the cover is, the more likely I am to check out the book (that and the title... catchy titles are a must.)

That being said, I felt today's Mash-Up Monday post deserved to be about Indie Cover Designs, by Keary Taylor.

A bit about Keary:
Keary is a stay at home mom, in Washington.  When she isn't busy keeping up with her kiddos and life, she is writing.  And I mean writing.  This lady has four completed novels under her belt, and she is only 23 years old.  Branded and Forsaken, books one and two in the Fall of Angels series, are both up for sale on Amazon, and both very much so worth reading.  She is now busily editing her fourth book, titled Eden.  And, I might add... it will be worth the read for sure as well!

Keary, for the time being, has decided to go Indie (self-published) and she is rocking it.  She has recently hit some top selling kindle lists in the UK and is slowly growing in popularity as her books pick up speed in the fan world.  To boot, she does all her own covers.  And they are beautiful.

It turns out that her hidden passion is graphic design, specifically cover design.  So, recently, she decided to indulge on that and make it a public talent.

Introducing Indie Cover Designs

It is hard enough being an Indie author.  Everything is funded out of your own pocket.  All the publicity and pushing... done by you.  Throw in the cost of designing a cover as awesome as your book... and your head can spin right off.

Keary knows this.  And she is offering, what I believe, very reasonable prices for a beautiful cover.  (She will also design the spine and back cover for you, for just a little bit more.  Totally worth it!)  Keary also makes banners, posters, all that fun stuff to help promote your work.  I know from personal experience that Keary is amazing to work with.  She takes your idea, and makes it real.  She listens very well and works hard to make sure that the created cover is what you dreamed it would be.

I know how tough it can be to design something amazing.  I myself dapple in graphic design (something I may show off more... someday...) and know I could never have the patience to do it as a career.  Keary can, and is.

I recommend Keary and Indie Cover Designs.  Go check her out and see what I mean.  If you are Indie, and are looking for a fantastic cover, Keary is your lady.  She is just getting started, but I believe she has a great path ahead of her.  Both with her cover designs, and her amazing books.

Way to go Keary!


Michael Offutt said...

Fantastic work the cover artist has done for your books.

Keary Taylor said...

Thanks for the amazing post Jenni!

Sylvia Ney said...

It's so true! Thanks for sharing this - congrats on the hard work!


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