Monday, April 11, 2011

TBR Sharing Time

Hello TBR shelf.  How nice to see you so full and happy.  What's that?  You have stories to tell?  Well, I am all eyes!

I thought it would fun today to share a quick post, just showing off my TBR shelf.  This is the shelf that books get lined up in my room, to await their turn to be devoured.  Right now there are 20 books sitting on this shelf, with many others hiding in the ranks along my wall-long shelf on the other side of the room.  Now... which one to read...

I am such a book addict.  Honestly, I think I have bought about 6 or so new books in just the last couple weeks.  I get awesome deals and spend barely anything on them... then they sit on that shelf and wait.  I know I will read them all, someday.  But in all reality, I really do love seeing them there, waiting.  Welcome home book, you will be happy here.

I find it funny.  This time last year, I very clearly remember sitting on the ground in front of my book shelves, completely frustrated because I had nothing to read.  Really.  I hadn't bought books for so long, and the few on my shelves that I hadn't read yet just weren't pulling at me at that time.

I read a quote, somewhere, from someone (love the vague-ness?) about how you should always have books on your shelf that you have never read.  Even if you never will read them, never plan on getting to them, they should be there.  Because you never know when suddenly, some day, that will be the exact book you need.

Now, since I have really dove back into writing, along with keeping up this oh-so-fun blog, I just can't get enough.  My brain feels happy, my eyes tired, and my shelves full.  Its a beautiful thing.

Along with this TBR shelf (oh, for those of you totally lost.  TBR = To Be Read) I also have e-books I have been downloading.  I figured it wouldn't hurt to gather some of those up, and many of them aren't even available in print.  I have joined up with a great site too, where I can request a chance to read a book, some in pub already and some ARCs as well (Advanced Reader Copy), then post my review.  So far I am been approved for five books... and plan to start in on one of them very very soon.

At this moment in time I am about a third of the way through XVI.  When I am not editing my own MS or beta reading for a friend.  Then... we will see!  Do you see any books in this stack you would like to read a review on?  Any awesome books you would like to recommend to me that you don't see here?  (Oh, you should see my wishlists...)  Here is your chance to recommend and request!

How about you?  Do you have a massive TBR pile that is crying for your attention?


Jess said...

I saw The Road on your shelf. I saw the movie (very disturbing), and would love you to do a review of the book. We hear so much about YA dystopian novels, so it would be really nice to see what one adult perspective is and how they compare to YAs in both the writing style and plot elements...OMG, that movie really creeped me out.

Jenni Merritt said...

Jess - I tried starting the book once but had a hard time with the writing style. Its... interesting. I will for sure try it again and post a review.

I have other adult dystopian books I have read in the past that I have thought of posting reviews on. Let me know if that would be an interest and I will work on it!

Julia Broadbooks said...

Ok, Jess has scared me off of The Road. That was my first choice, too.

I'm also scared of Stephen King. I read Salem's Lot in high school. It was great. I read the whole thing in a week. But I had nightmares from it. So creepy. I'm a big baby.

I just got my first ARC, The Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale. It's a steampunk, which is not a genre I had expected would appeal to me. I think after this I may be more adventurous in my readings.

Jenni Merritt said...

Julia - I loved the tv series The Dead Zone, so of course had to snag the book to read where it all came from. Bit of honesty here: I have yet to actually read a Stephen King book. Always meant to, never have. Yup...

I haven't seen the movie for The Road yet, though its on my list. Gotta love creepy.

And I haven't read any steam-punk books yet. Been thinking about it, just not sure. Tell me what you think!

Trisha said...

I have a looooot of books on my TBR shelf. Some I've owned for years and years, and still haven't read. ;) Currently I'm reading "Breakfast at Tiffany's" for the first time.

Anita said...

THE ROAD book is sooo much better than the's one of my top ten of all time, shich is saying something. Read the first 25 pages and you'll won't notice anything about style, you'll just zoooom through it.

I don't even want to talk about my to-read pile. :)


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