Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Bleeding pages

My brain.  My eyes.  They are.  So tired.
But that's a good thing, right?

I have now finished sifting through my beta feedback, thought about what they all said, and plugged their thoughts/corrections into my already bleeding paper edit.  Its a beautiful thing. 

You know, I have dreamed of being a writer my entire life.  And I always knew it would be hard work, full of lack of sleep, self-esteem issues and too much rejection.  I severely underestimated the exhaustion of editing though.  Really, this is insane.  I keep reminding myself that it is for something amazing. 

Even if no one out there ends up really liking this book. 
Even if every agent and publisher completely rejects me. 
Even if I now become scared of ever writing another word again... this is all for something amazing. 

Because I love it.

And so, on we go!  I am heading back to my trusty word doc, to plug my corrections in.  Rewrite sections.  Delete paragraphs.  Exciting, isn't it?  Once this round is done, I only have one final sweep left... then we will all see what happens with this thing I call a book.

Question:  What do you all think of sites like Authonomy and Inkpop?  I have had people ask if they can read more of PN, but man I am paranoid of the internet.  It is so easy to steal things and claim them as your own.  I would hate that happening with this baby of mine.  It is tempting to load some of PN onto one of those sites, but I just don't know... Give me your thoughts?

Non-WIP related:  I am pretty excited.  A friend of mine, Vince James, is a photographer.  And he is pretty dang good at it.  Next month I am going to have awesome photos taken... of me... writer-style.  Oh you know: With my netbook, red pens, scrolls of paper, and insanity. 

(Ha, to catch the true writer me, I should have him sneak in a midnight.  PJs, bags under eyes, stacks of Mt Dew, and that crazy twinkle in my eye.  ...No, I would NOT want that documented, as funny is it may be... or would I...)

I am on a mad search for a typewriter.  You know.  Old school, classic, all metal bohemith.  I don't know why, but I crave having photos with it.  Call it a head nod to where crazy writing has come from.  Sadly, I am having no luck.  Goodwill just looks at me like I am crazy.  Craigslist has them, but they are pricey.  So... I keep looking.  I have a couple of weeks.  Hopefully the typewriter will find me.

Want to check out Vince's work?  Just click here.  In the Portland area and wanting great photos of your own? Call him!  Once we get mine all done and spiffy, you know I will show them off for all of you to see.

Ok, that's it for now.  My kiddos are tugging on me, hubby is in bed (he got a wisdom tooth yanked yesterday, plus one bad tooth.  Poor guy) and I need to find something to eat. 

Don't forget!  Enter to win a free Kindle copy of both Branded and Forsaken by Keary Taylor.  It closes this coming monday... Just do it! (And to remind you, you don't need a Kindle.  The app is free to download.  Hint. Hint.)

And I still need your votes!  I am now in second place, which just will not do at all.  Go here and scroll down until you see my awesome line "In Prison Nation, the truth can't set you free" and VOTE!  Please?  Voting closes Sunday.

Have a great day you awesome bloggers you!

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Andrew Leon said...

Even if my never gets published "for real," it's done what I wanted it to do, and I'm satisfied. Not that I'll quit trying to get it published.
Anyway, keep chugging through it. It is worth it. :)


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