Monday, May 30, 2011

Blogging when Sick

You guessed it.  I am sick.  And let me tell you, this really sucks.  My throat started scratching around Thursday of last week, which moved into that dry scratch that never seems to get enough water.  Then Sunday... the sickness won.

My nose is a plugged up waterfall.  My lungs ache.  I keep coughing.  And the migraine I had yesterday... the migraine... Let's just say I am tired.  Very very tired and wanting oh-so-badly to get better pronto.

Immune system.  Why must you hate me so?

Yet still, I must blog.  I thought about skipping today with the actual excuse of illness... but I just couldn't handle that thought.  Even if all this post is is a reminder that I am here, mostly alive, and uh... that's as far as my mind is going at the moment... then at least I posted!  I am determined to stick to this schedule of mine.

Is that a sign of a true blue blogger, or just a maniac who can't let up?  Either way, here I am.

*cough... blows nose... groans.*

And so, alas, I won't blog much more today.  To make up for my lack of awesome blabbering, here are links to other bloggers who have posted recently.  Go give them love. 

Book Give-Away over at the League of Extraordinary Writers

A great post about success over on Phoenix Sullivan

Get to know Trisha a bit better over at WORD+STUFF.  I was tagged in this post... and will try to live up to its challenge... soon.

Tools to carry to prep you against the conspiring universe, posted on Pimp My Novel

Kimmel tackles one of the ultimate questions: Agent, or Independent.  Give her your two cents.

Energy.  Fading.  Mistyping almost every single word.  I think it is a sign that I must go lay back down and hope my kiddos let me get better.  I will see you all again on Wednesday.  Enjoy your holiday (if you be American that is.  If not... enjoy your day!)

To end... my second little man turned one on Saturday.  I just have to show off his cuteness and say a public "I LOVE YOU" to him.  He is priceless. :)


Keary Taylor said...

Dang! I hope you get better soon! It's so not fair that mom's get sick!

Kimmel Tippets said...

I'm so sorry you're sick! I hope you feel better soon. And thank you for the links! Blog hopping is fun to do... :-)


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