Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's a Carnival!

Hello all.  I hope your Sunday is going fantastically.  It's nice and sunny here.  I forgot how awesome it is to have sunbeams streaming through the window!  I feel like a kitty, stretching out in the patch on the ground.  Sadly, my hubby is working today, so I am enjoying the day like any other day: Playing with kiddos, editing here and there, and surfing the blogosphere.

And I just had to share:

It's a Carnival!  Whaaaat?
Head on over to Pure Imagination to discover an awesome Spring Carnival.  It is jam-packed full of games, challenges, and best of all: Give-Aways.  We all love a good give-away, and let me tell you... this Carnival hit the jackpot!

I have been browsing through all the participating blogs, enjoying their posts, entering for their give-aways, and following almost every single one.  This Carnival will end on May 8th, so go enjoy it while you can!

As a fore-warning.  There are a few books I really want to win, and so will be posting a post later in the week about them (extra entries are always nice!).  Off-schedule, yet again.  Isn't it great?

Ok, off I go to explore some more.  Hope to see you all around!  I will be the one chomping down on cotton candy and dancing in an ultimate sugar (book) high.

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