Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WIP Day - Just real quick

There isn't too much to update for this WIP day.  I am anxiously awaiting feedback from my two readers who are helping me with my final sweep, then I finally get to plug it all in, hopefully catch all those little things, and move on!

Move on...
What does that mean for me?
Here is my plan:
I have gathered the few agents I really would love to query.  I am not going the crazy route of querying every single agent out there.  I have decided to query just the few I have researched and truly like.  Then, if all else fails...  If each agent feels my MS isn't "the one," I will turn to lovely old CreateSpace and move forward.  This is my first novel, and all I long for is to see it in print.  Held in my hands.  A final confirmation that I did this.

Granted, it would be awesome to get representation.  As much as I respect and almost lean to self-publishing at times, I cannot dispute the fact that getting a true blue agent would be amazing.  So, still crossing my fingers!

If any of you awesome readers out there have any tips, what so ever, on querying, do send them my way.  A tad nervous over here!

Aside from that, I finished my beta reading for Kimmel.  It felt good to check at least one thing off my list.  And, just let me say, this girl has talent.  Keep your eyes out...

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with Vince James Photography.  Writing themed.  Oh, we took oodles of photos.  And it was awesome.  Vince is busy editing away and I am not sure exactly when I will get more of the stack to show off to you all, but for the time being I have attained two sample photos.  It feels awesome to actually have "author photos" that do not involve me holding my own camera out arm's length away.  Not to mention that Vince has mega talent and actually has succeeded in making me happy to see a photo of myself.  I can't wait for the rest!

So, to end this post, I will show those two off to you all.
Happy WIP day and of course, as always... Happy Writing!


kay Elam said...

GREAT pictures, Jenni.

I'm posting your blog on Beta Readers today. I just can't seem to get it together to write something adequate today. Too many other things to block my efforts (like bills, errands, etc.)

BTW, I did a post on querying recently. You can find it at

I'm targeting certain agents as well. My plan is to send out a couple of queries, see if they fly. If not, then I'll update my query letter.

Have a good day and thanks again for letting me borrow your post.


Kimmel Tippets said...

What an amazing time for you! I have to say I am impressed that you are going the agent route. A tiny part of me wants to pursue that, but the larger part really just wants to take the easy way with Create Space. So many little time.

And the pictures are gorgeous!

Jenni Merritt said...

Kay - Can't wait to see the guest post :)

I will make sure to check out your post on querying, once my kiddos let me sit for more than just a few seconds at a time


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