The Race to 100

It's late Friday night, and I get home from attending a friend's bridal shower (A great bridal shower might I add.)  I log into my blog, wait for it to load (slow slow internet) then come to find out...that I have now hit 70 followers.  *Beams*

Dear 70 followers - I love you.

Now, I don't know if any of you remember, but my blog is in a race.  With itself. 
The race to get 100 followers. 
Why, you ask?

Because... I like being followed.  I like knowing you are all out there.  I love your comments and getting to know each of you.  And I crave more.  This blogging world is addicting and exciting and fun.  It gives me something to look forward to.  Something to aim at.  Something.

Ready for more?

There will be a Give-Away once I hit that lovely 100 mark.  (Did that perk any... eyes?)  As soon as I see my love aka followers hit 100, I will post that the Give-Away is alive and going.  Then, to enter, all you will need to do is comment, and love me.  (Can you tell I am greedy?  Or needy?  Both work)

What's the prize you ask?

At this moment in time, the Race to 100 Give-Away prize will be:

A $20 gift card to Amazon
$20 in books at the Book Depository
(Gotta make it so my international friends can be a part of this as well!)

I may add another prize.  I just may.  It depends on how my days are going.  Another giftcard?  Up the amount of the prize?  Swag?  A signed book?  Eternal love and adoration (ok, you already have that from me)

Get me to 100 people!  Spread the word!
Until then: Happy Writing


Trisha said…
You don't have to have me in the running as I already win enough stuff :P But I am proud to be a follower of your blog!! I'll post about this on my blog :)
kandra said…
Now you have 71!!! Wahoo!
Aurora Smith said…
im at 99 and it hurts. ONE More...wanna be mine! teehee
hello! I'll follow you!
Kimmel Tippets said…
You're just gaining follower's like crazy now! Which is good cause your blog is awesome!
-E- said…
i hope it's me!
Jenni Merritt said…
You are all AWESOME! Already to 78 in less than a day... keep it up! I am searching for mad for a second prize I can do...

And new followers: HELLO!
Dia said…
I can't help but point out that I was follower number 70, lol! har, har ;D
Cholisose said…
My verification word for this comment is PANDA.

Freaking AWESOME.

- Nicholas
Jenni Merritt said…
Dia - Way to be number 70!

Nicholas - haha that IS awesome!
Trisha said…
I got no idea what number I was, but that's okay! hehe
Jamie Manning said…
Congrats on now having 87 followers! 100 is right around the corner, and once you hit that, it's all uphill!! I'm going to tweet for ya right now!
Nay said…
I'm #93:) Good Luck - I want the love too:)
would you follow back?
PS: I love the idea of just asking...simple as that!
Jenni Merritt said…
Nay - Of course I will follow you back! Thanks for stalking me :)

Almost there everyone!
Do I need to post more incentive for followers?

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