Friday, June 3, 2011

Sad Day: No Review Friday

Yes, this is me.  With the "I-don't-have-a-Review" face
I knew this Friday would come, someday.  I hoped it wouldn't.  I fought it.  I really did.  But sadly, it looks like it has happened.

I have no book review for this week.  SAD FACE.

What with being sick, celebrating my kiddo's b-day, diving back into editing... my book reading got put on a back burner.  I'm sad.  You're... sad?  But it happens.  I promise to have a review for next week.

So, here are a few Give-Aways I have noticed for today to hopefulyl make up for my lack of book ramblage.   It is ridiculous how many Give-Aways I have entered... and still haven't won one.  You would think the odds would have stacked up by now.  Still, it is too tempting to enter. 

LA FEMME READERS is celebrating the big 2 year blog anniversary (Yay!) with giving away a copy of both Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick and Shatter me by Tahereh Mafi 

The League of Extraordinary Writers has been giving away books every day this week!  Check out the last stack and enter.  Man... I hope I win something there.  Great books!

I am a Reader, Not a Writer is giving away a copy of Cinder and Ella by Melissa Lemon

LA FEMME READERS is also hosting a Give Away for a copy of Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs

What are you reading right now?  Are you liking it?  Let's talk book.  
I am always in search of more awesome books to add to my TBR shelf, and I want to tap your brain.  Or just find a reason to talk to you.  Either way...



Kimmel Tippets said...

Don't worry about the non-review. We all understand how busy life can get! Thanks for thinking of a way to make up for it though, I love giveaways!

I'd tell you what I'm reading but they're your books, so that doesn't help you at all. As soon as I get a new book to review I'll tell you all about it!

Sylvia Ney said...

Today I'm reading the newest edition of Writer's Digest. Thank you for the links to the give aways. BTW, I just sent you an email about your "1,000 words" submission. I hope you enjoy your weekend! ;-)

Julia Broadbooks said...

I can't believe you haven't won a giveaway! I have won an embarrassing number of them in the past few weeks. Some I haven't even entered, just random drawings of twitter followers and things. And they've all been books, so I'm a happy camper.

The next one on my list is a YA, The Iron Witch, that I'm going to read with my daughter.

Wanton Redhead Writing said...

I just finished Warm Bodies by Issac, oh crap I can't remember and already lent the book. I'm not a zombie fan and I don't like too much God save the world kind of endings, but all in all much better than I'd hoped. It came highly recommended.

Jenni Merritt said...

Sylvia - Oh, I am having a great weekend! :)

Julia - Yup! Haven't won one give away yet. Sad isn't it? Luck just doesn't seem to like me when it comes to free books

Wanton Redhead - (Love the name! And welcome!) My sister in law loves zombie books, but I haven't had a chance to read too many yet. I would love to hear what you think of the book when you are done!

Right now I am reading Skinned. I am still up in the air on how I feel about it...

Margo Berendsen said...

Thanks for passing on the giveaways! Don't worry, you'll win something... I figure I win something for about every 10 to 15 things I enter. (though I've noticed wins tend to cluster. I won't win anything for months, then suddenly win like 3 things in a row)


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