Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WIP Day - Editing, CreateSpace and Photos (OH MY)

Hello you.
How is your wednesday going?

For me, so far, it is pretty dandy.  My hubby has the day off work.  (Yay!) I love these days.  We are trying to decide what we all should do today... there are too many options!  Should we drive out to the beach?  Should we go to a park?  Should we laze about the apartment like no one's business, and let me snag some rare editing time all to myself?  Too, too many choices.

WIP Update:
It's coming along.  What else can I say?  I am a bit over halfway with this final polish round.  I have set the goal to be done with it by this Friday.  Which means a bit of reading still stacked in my coming days.  But I must do it!

I slowed a bit.  I am too nit picky.  It is just so hard to accept that the sentence is the way it is.  That none of my beta readers or editors said anything about it.  And that I should just leave it alone.  I want this thing to be as great as I can get it.  But like a painting, if I add too many layers, it will just be muck.  So, I have reigned myself in, given myself a deadline, and I will proclaim it is done very very soon.

(Barring life getting in the way.  Such as my awesome date with hubby last night.  We went and saw The Green Lantern.  I don't know about you, but I really did like it.  There was some character background I would have liked more of, but I can't complain too much.  Plus, seeing Ryan Reynolds in that awesomely tight jumpsuit... it was nice.)

Speaking of deadlines: 
My amazingly spectacular friend, Kimmel, hit hers!  Let me tell you, this woman is quite something.  She said her goal, laid out her deadline... and did it!  Last week she officially finished her MS (Titled Transformation) and by late friday night, we were uploading it to CreateSpace so she could use that free coupon won from NaNoWriMo.  By Monday, her book shipped!

I am so very proud of her.  Here she was, not even sure she wanted to try this NaNo thing with me.  And now she is an author.  She has a great book out there, and is thoroughly addicted to this thing called writing.  I can't wait to see where she goes next!  Keep your eye out at her CreateSpace page for when Transformation is officially out for sale.  Go Kimmel!

Now, last but most definitely not least:  
I got my author photos back!  If you remember, a bit over a month ago the very talented Vince James Photography did a writing-themed shoot... of me!  This weekend I finally got them back.  And boy, let me tell you, I love them!  It is so weird seeing so many photos of just me.  And even more weird: Liking pretty much all of them!

Want to see a few?
Here you go!

Vince James Photography.  All rights reserved.
Vince James Photography.  All rights reserved.
Vince James Photography.  All rights reserved.
Vince James Photography.  All rights reserved.

Vince James Photography.  All rights reserved.
Vince James Photography.  All rights reserved.
Vince James Photography.  All rights reserved.
 There are many more that I absolutely love.  I will post a slideshow of them very soon, because I just can't NOT show them off.  Vince, thank you again.  You are amazing!  Check out his site and his FB page to see more of his great work.

Now, off I go to enjoy the day.  Happy writing!


Keary Taylor said...

YAY for pictures and YAY for editing and being near the end!!!

Trisha said...

Awesome pictures Jenni!! And that is so cool about the CreateSpace proof - I LOVE those things. :)

Kimmel Tippets said...

Love the pictures, love that you're so close to finishing, and I love that you're so proud of me! LOL Seriously, get it done cause I want the world to see how amazing I think you are!

Trisha said...

RE: reading my writing? Well, I have a 'label' on my blog called "Excerpts" which gives you some examples. other than that, I've written a bunch of short stories this year for Chrysalis...and also have a bunch of novels completed. but most of them need a CRAPLOAD of editing. hehe

What genres do you usually prefer? i write in a wide range...

Trisha said...

Wooot!! 100 followers :)

Jenni Merritt said...

AHHH!! 100!! * does major happy dance*

Look out for post tomorrow! :)


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