Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WIP Day - What's the Score Blogfest

Hello bloggers, writers, and readers alike.
I hope your Wednesday is going awesome for you.

East for Green Eyes is hosting a blogfest today (How awesome is it that it falls on my WIP day?) that has challenged us all to post our playlists.  Yay, finally fire under my butt to do it!  (and by the way Green Eyes: Happy one year blog anniversary!)

"What... a playlist... for a book?" You ask. 
Yes, yes indeed. 

I know that the chances of PN becoming a Hollywood sensation are... well... let's just say slim.  But it is still nice to sit and imagine what music would be playing in the back of these carefully constructed and multi-edited scenes if they ever did kiss the bigscreen.  We writers are the creating type.  And the obsessing type.  So naturally we have already created the entire movie soundtrack for our MS in our crazy minds.

I have been meaning to post my "playlist" for PN for some time now. It's about time! (And makes for an easier post for today's WIP update.  My final "editor" friend is bringing over her final sweep of the book today... so I have been forced to a stand still until then.  Cue western gun fight music.)

Now, some of these songs may not stay.  And I am still searching for a few perfect ones that have eluded me.  I mostly just listen to Pandora now a days, so when it comes to actually choosing songs that fit the part, my mind goes blank and all song names disappear.  None the less, I am happy so far with my playlist.  I do like listening to it, and can't wait to finish it, someday.  The longer I spend on this list though, the longer I am not spending on my WIP.  Time to stop and enjoy the music.  Literally!

Without any further ado, here are the songs for Prison Nation:

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- Utopia (Within Temptation ft.Chris Jones)

- Surrender (Evanescence)

- Breathe into Me (Red)

- Faint (Linkin Park)

- Hey Jude (The Beatles)

- Sacrifice (tATu)

- Rain (Breaking Benjamin)

-Tears of Joy (Steven Cravis)

- Save Us (Cartel)

- Lights Out (Breaking Benjamin)

- Runaway (IIO)

- Shut up and bleed (Combichrist feat. Waste )

- Feel So Free (Ivy)

- Your Guardian Angel (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus)

I Will Not Bow (Breaking Benjamin)

(TOTAL Side-Note: Kay Elam used my recent post about beta reading as a guest post on her blog today!  Go give her love.  And... Happy Writing!)


Alexis said...

wow, I'll really have to thank this blogfest for introducing me to Within Temptation! They are just fantastic. and I love Surrender! Great choices!

Jenni Merritt said...

Within Temptation is amazing. I love pretty much all of their music... I need more excuses to use it! :)

L. said...

Great list! I already know & love Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin and iiO, so I'll be checking out some of the other bands on your playlist.

Sylvia Ney said...

Oooh, some great choices!

Amy said...

Great song selections! I have all of these songs on my MP3 player and Within Temptation and Evanescence is pretty much on repeat! :)

Trisha said...

I don't know a lot of these songs, but some that I do know I I'm thinking that bodes well for the rest. :D

RosieC said...

ACK! tATu! I love it! Why didn't I think of them? Oh my gosh!

Okay, let me take a few deep breaths to lower my excitement level.

Great list (if I hadn't gotten that thought across to you :). I need to spend some time with the songs on here I haven't heard before, too.

Thanks for playing along!


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