Saturday, July 30, 2011

REMINDER: Give-Away for a SIGNED copy!

Did you miss the Give-Away post?
You know you want to enter.

I am giving away one SIGNED copy of Kimmel Tippets' debut novel, Transformation.  Transformation is Kimmel's first completed novel, and is now available via Createspace, Amazon/Kindle, and B&N.  In the independently published world, every comment and thought counts.  
Support this new Indie Author!

Give-Away closes August 8, so go enter!
To read the interview I had with Kimmel, CLICK HERE.

And to make things even easier, you can enter the Give-Away here now as well.  (Though I still say to go read her interview and give her some love.  Do it!)

Nothing is magical about leaving. Every time Emily thinks she might finally be able to settle down, her mother announces they are moving again. She is sick of it, and ready to do anything to finally find stability. Desperation can do strange things to a person. Little does Emily know that moving in with her estranged grandmother will not only be magical, but potentially deadly as well. Cursed by her grandmother’s own hand, Emily finds something about her very being has been changed for good. She has fallen prey to the full moon. There is nothing Emily can do about the cursed physical transformation. But can she learn to be true to who she is inside before the change transforms her soul as well?


Trisha said...

Good luck to everyone!! I don't think I entered this, but I will leave it for everyone else to have a go at winning. Hehe

Laura Ann Dunks said...

Sorry I entered this, before realising it wasn't international!


Jenni Merritt said...

Laura - No worries. If I do draw your name, I could get you a digital (Kindle) copy. :)


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