Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WIP Day - Already?

Is it Wednesday already?
Where did time go?

Oh.  Right.

In case you didn't see my random post last weekend: I finished PN!  That's right.  I have proclaimed that my editing is done.  It is as good as I can personally get it at this time.  I need to end it.  So, last friday night, I finished.  Done.  Fin.

What a feeling.  It is a strange mix between joy at finally being done.  Anxiety that I missed something.  Longing to edit more.  An urge to tuck it into a drawer and pretend it never existed.  And of course... nerves at what will come next!

My plans got shunted a bit by an injury I managed to get Sunday afternoon at a photo shoot.  Note: Falling backwards down a flight of cement stairs is not such a great idea... I am finally almost able to sit at the computer again now.  For short periods of time.  So, hopefully that means that in the next day or so I will choose the few agents I want to query, and email that bad boy off.


Can you feel my nerves?
At least I know I have my fall back if all else ends up failing.  Oh CreateSpace, what would we do without you?

Alright, my knee is throbbing again.  Time for icing and elevation.  And pondering about my writing life.
How is your WIP doing?  Give it some love, from me.

Happy writing!


And remember!  My Give-Away closes on the 17th!  I am almost to 110, which means a second place prize! Will I get there?  I love you guys!


Madeleine said...

Oh goodness. Glad you are getting better. My mum had a friend who feel on metal steps and it damaged the cells in her thigh so she had a permanent dent there.
Congrats on completing the WIP :O)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing! I'm sure that's extremely exciting. :) Right now I'm waiting for my WIP's to settle before jumping into major revision, outlining, and rewriting.

Trisha said...

Have you had CPs look at your novel at all? That's the part I'm personally looking forward to most. Will get this current revision done, then do a printed edit, and then send off to CPs I have not yet found :D


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