Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Seriously Cute Blogger Award

*Does happy dance*

That's right.  I am dancing.  Why, you ask?
Trish, over Word+Stuff, awarded me this Seriously Cute Blogger award.

She thinks I'm cute.  Or my blog is.  Or just loves me enough to give me this puppy.  This fluffy, fluffy puppy.  Whatever the case, I love it!

To accept, I must answer the required question, which is:

"List five books, films, or TV programs that I've read, 
watched, or followed in the last 12 months." 

Here we go:

1.  Divergent (book) - LOVED it.  Have you read it?  No?  DO it.  It is The Hunger Games, on crack.  Read my review HERE.

2.  So You Think You Can Dance (tv show) - One of the few TV shows I actually take the time to tune in to and watch.  Why?  Because... I wish I could dance.  Since I lack the grace, I oggle those who have it.

3.  Daybreakers (movie) - Yes, it is a vampire movie.  But... I LOVED it.  Warning: Lots of blood.  Lots of it...

4.  Daily Grace (web cast) - Does this count?  Oh well.  I love Grace.  She is one of my main procrastination devices.  Especially Sexy Fridays... laughing even as I type this.

5.  The Omen Machine (book) - Ok, so I haven't quite read this yet.  It should be shipped to me today-ish (Yay!  It's released!) and I am on pins and needles to devour it.  PINS and NEEDLES


Now, as per tradition, I get to reward this!  So many to choose from, because I love you all!  I narrowed it down to three, for now, though I would love to pass cuddly puppies to every single one of you!

You pretty much comment on all my posts... and it makes me happy!  So... here's a puppy! Enjoy!

Again, you show me love.  And I pretty much love everything you post, even though I have been lame on the commenting lately.

Because, you know, I love you!  

Thank you Trish!  Now, off I go to wish I had a real puppy...


Lady Gwen said...

The Hunger Games on crack?! LOL! I thought The Hunger Games was so tension-filled - I'll have to read Divergent.

Congrats on your blog award - you do have an awesome blog!!

David Powers King said...

Coolies! An award!

Thank you very much, Jenni! I'll have to add this to my collection and pass it on.

WriteOnCon is crowded, isn't it? I'm searching, but if you've posted something (query, synopsis), let me know where I can find it. :)

Kimmel Tippets said...

Aw, I love the cute and adorable little puppy! Thanks for loving me!

Trisha said...

Glad to pass the puppy along! Hehe. Congrats to the other awardees here!

Jess said...

I hope Veronica Roth uses the phrase "Hunger Games, on crack"--you should email her so she can send it to her publicity people, who can send it to the Hollywood people, who can include it in the trailers. Then you'll hear it on TV and say, "OMG! That's my phrase, dammit! Somebody send me money now!"

Thanks for the cute blogger award!

Jenni Merritt said...

Jess - I like your thinking! hahaha

Happy you all enjoyed the award. I love these blogger awards. They are too fun :)


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