Monday, August 1, 2011

When Muses Collide

Raise your hand if you have a story idea.
Now, raise your hand if you have five story ideas.

It is great to have something to write about.  When your muse graces you with that idea that turns into a plot that transforms into a book, you can't help but be giddy.  Too often we find ourselves in that "writer's block" slump, so shooing away our muse is definitely a very bad idea.

Besides, why would we wish the ideas gone?

At the moment, I have about eleven little idea books stacked on my idea shelf (Very literally.  They are pretty.)  When I get a thought for one of those waiting plots, I snag its book and scribble on its pages before tucking it back away.  I have found it is a great way to never have that moment of: 
"I had a great idea... but... what was it?"

Here is my problem:  The ideas keep coming.
(I know, sounds just horrible, doesn't it?)

Just last week I got yet another new novel idea.  One I am actually kinda of excited to work on.  But with all the others that are waiting before it, that I am also looking forward to write, all that happened was it earned a book and got its spot on that shelf.

There aren't enough hours in the day.
Days in the year.
And all I want to do sometimes is hide and pretend that the ideas aren't taking over.

So what do you do when muses collide?


As much as I might want to whine about the "never having time" issue... I can't help but feel happy that I know, when I do have time, all of those stories and characters and evil doers are waiting.  Someday I will be able to sit longer, type more, and let them take control.  Someday.  (Says stay at home mommy of two.  Yeah...)

Until then, here are a few of my personal tips for you, when your muse comes a-knocking:

  • Don't hide.  Listen to that thought.  Let it roll around in your mind.  It's a present, not a poison!
  • JOT IT DOWN.  Whether it is in a special writing book, your cell phone, or the back of you hand, don't let that idea/quote/issue/whatever get away! 
  • Sit down at least once a week and look through the muses you have had.  Who knows, another may knock, or you may find yourself typing away like mad.  
  • Breath.  Yes, it is overwhelming.  Yes, it can be heartbreaking that at that moment, the story has to hit the back burner.  Don't lose hope.  Someday it will become your baby.  Just... breath.
  • Thank your Muse.  Chocolate works nicely.  Or a well written short story.  Either way, let that muse know that the idea will not go to waste.
  • One muse is great.  Two are amazing.  Three muses are scary, but awesome.  Though they might be battling for your attention and skills, don't cry.  They are battling because they love you.  And you love, adore, need them.  Embrace it all.  This is an art, and you have been graced.

I am taking a deep breath, and hugging my ideas today.
I may feel overwhelmed, but its a good feeling.  It's the knowledge that, for now, my idea-well is bubbling over.  Thank you, Muse.

As one of my blog followers, CherylAnne Ham, recently commented:
"Better to have lots of ideas and little time,
than plenty of time and no ideas.
Good luck and happy writing."
How about you?  Has your muse hit?  Are there more than one battling?  
Happy Writing!


David Powers King said...

Yep. Lots of ideas and more to come. In fact, during a pizza party over the weekend, after completing of my latest project, the entire rundown for a five book series popped into my head from out of nowhere. There's no rest for us writers, is there?

Brad Jaeger said...

I have no muse, but I do have another WIP idea that I just finished the first chapter for. I guess I should probably make a blog post about it soon :)

Jenni Merritt said...

David - There IS no rest for us! But its a good thing... right?

Brad - Yes, make a blog post! I wanna hear about it!


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