Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WIP Day - I am a Superhero

Wednesday, we meet again.
And what a crazy week it has been!

First, ITB is doing great.  Last night I hit 33,052 words, and a dramatic scene.  It was great.  I am now only about 17k words away from winning the Camp NaNoWriMo challenge.  (Woot!)

Yes, I am going slower this time around than I did last November.  I just blame it on the sun.  Still, I am going!  I have passed the place I had roughly outlined too, and am now full out pantsing this thing.

It seems my writing community just keeps growing.  I have had you all for some time now.  My few "real life" friends as well.  (Way to make myself sound like a loner...)  Now, I have my cabin mates for Camp.  What's more?  I have discovered that Twitter isn't just a shameful place for stupid updates and random remarks.  There is a writing world in there, one that I never want to leave!

Every night I meet with my cabin mates and twitter companions, and we write.  Sprints, wars, #writeshove.  It is great.  To be cheered on, encouraged, and yelled at is a much needed thing.  If any of my writing friends are out there, reading this right now.... Goodness, you are amazing! 

Recently a few of them said some quotes, about me, that just made me giddy. If you don't follow my Twitter or Tumblr, here they are:

“You are a total powerhouse!”  - @CherylAngst

“Good land! You’ve got super powers!”  - @LauraRenegar

"You’re like batman. Only with pep talks instead of 
those bat-shaped throwy things."  - @remacagy

"Writer friends, if you aren't following @JMWriting , you should. Helpful, 
encouraging, & lays down wordcounts like a superhero."  - @LauraRenegar

...maybe a very tired superhero...

That's right.  I am like batman.  I am a superhero.  Muhahaha.

Anyway.  Their comments have really helped.   While I have been thoroughly enjoying ITB, I am still stressing about PN.

I received a snail mail rejection the other day.  This one hit hard, mainly because it was an agent I was really rooting for.  Then I checked my email... to find another rejection.  I know this is normal.  More than normal.  But each one does hurt.

So, I turn to my writing friends, get reminded that I am super, and keep trucking on regardless of how tempting it might be to stop.  Not that I could stop.  I am too much addicted to this world to ever leave it for another much more dull, much less imaginative one.

Speaking of rejections, did you see Beth Revis' video on WriteOnCOn, about failure?  No?  Go watch it!

Well, grocery shopping is calling to me.  Need more snacks, for my planned night of crazy writing!  To those of you writing: Write on!  To those of you querying: Don't give up... as tempting as it is.  To those of your published: Can I have your autograph?

*Sings epic Superhero song, puts hands on hips, and dashes off *

Happy Writing!


Kimmel Tippets said...

You ARE amazing and I can't wait to be thrown back into the craziness of NaNoWriMo in November! Yay!

David Powers King said...

I look at the picture and go...ouch!

I'd so be Spider-Man, if I could. :)


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