Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Naming input needed!

I know: I failed on an awesome post yesterday.  Life is nuts, all of which you will hear about tomorrow in my WIP update.

Until then, I need input!
I am struggling with deciding on the name for this year's NaNoWriMo MC.  I have a poll running on my FB page, and I need your thoughts!  So, go there and vote by clicking HERE, or leave a comment below!

The name options:
Veronica "Ronnie"

Others have added other options as well...

And just because I know you need it, here is a very brief, VERY rough synopsis (I promise I will post a much better one once I have the time.  Whenever that is...) and a rough character description as well.  (Let's just call her MC for now...) 

After the death of MC's father, she falls through a hole, landing in a strange world of darkness. It is the world of the Shadows, beings banished from the world of the living long ago. MC now finds herself stuck in the battle as the Shadows plan their revolt on the world of the living, and the light.
MC is fair, with golden hair and dark eyes. She feels guilty for her father's death, yet harbors a hidden strength and power. She is the youngest of four brothers, the only girl. And prone to stubborness.

And now... input... Go!

Happy Writing!


David Powers King said...

Siri. Run with it! :)

Trisha said...

I voted over there... and I voted for Siri! :D


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