Monday, November 28, 2011

GFC is Changing (and I don't want to lose you!)

Many of you no doubt have heard by now:
Come March of 2012, GFC (Google Friend Connect) will no longer be available to NON-Blogger folk.  They claim it is not popular enough to upkeep for the other sites, so are nixing it.  In my oppinion, a stupid choice.  It seems pretty darn popular to me!  Still, it is happening.

Now, this presents the issue:
I may be losing some of you!

*very very sad face*

Though many of you are Blogger folk, and should be fine, I know some of you are not.  I do not want to lose you!  You, my followers, are what make me stick to my schedule and keep on blogging.  You are my friends I may never meet.

So, I am posting this now in hopes that all of you will have time to protect yourselves from disappearing from my blogging world come March 2012.

There are many ways to follow me, other than GFC.  Please, take a moment to follow me in one (or all!) of them.

Email subscription 
(Just punch your name into the little box in the left side bar!)

(These 5 are my top recommended following choices)

(Though I still am rarely on there... but it still exists!)

All of these options are also listed in the LEFT sidebar of my blog.  Yes.  That one.  Over there.

I do not fully understand this change, or agree with it.  But, being as this is the internet, we just have to bite down and go with the flow.  Again, I do not want to lose any of you!  So please, make sure you are following me in other ways other than just GFC.  I hope I get to see ALL of you for many many months to come!

And as always...


David P. King said...

I'm a bloggernaut, so you're not losing me. Wow! I did not know about this until I read your post. The only thing constant is change, right?

Michael Offutt, Expert Critic said...

Thanks for the heads up. All you're going to lose are the people who didn't ever visit your site to begin with and hit connect once and left.

Trisha said...

Wow, that's important to know! Thanks for the heads up Jenni!


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