I am a WINNER!

Psst... PSSSSSSST...

It is now about 1:40 AM, but I just didn't want to wait on my sharing this.  Ready for awesomeness?  Yes?


That's me.  I'm a winner.

Yup, that is right!  I sat down, wrote 6,505 words, and rolled in my Winners certificate about twenty minutes ago.  My husband was gaming on his computer next to me, and got to watch as I literally lifted my arms in the air and cheered.
I am wired!
And feeling good!

I will most likely (okay, definitely) rant about this more come WIP day.  But I just had to share this while still beaming with happiness.  (And honestly, I have lost track of how many times I have now watched the congratulations video.  They are cheering... for me!)

You can go back to your normal schedule now.
I am too busy being giddy.


David P. King said…
That's awesome! Now you can take the rest of the month off. Go on. You deserve it! :)

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